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  1. We've used interstate for at least 30+ years, no issues bad enough to consider switching.
  2. We use Sil-glyde , part number BK-4 , carquest has it, worldpac has it too. Jeff
  3. Our techs buy their own gloves, shop supplies , nuts, bolts, chemicals , we use Imperial, Worldpac, Carquest, Autozone, Melik Global trading for wipers. jeff
  4. 23.99 for rotation and .3 to the tech's , sometimes most of that time or more is spent looking for the dreaded wheel lock key...
  5. we sell tires at 30.00 over cost to remain somewhat competitive , it works well , convenience is a big thing to , the customer can just have all done here at one time instead of bouncing all over town looking for a "deal" we sell more than we lose. Jeff
  6. www.risingsunmotorsMD.com Done by Netdriven out of PA. they do a good job Jeff
  7. All tech but one are flat rate so they can work on their own stuff, office help pays 10% off labor and 10% over on parts most times, unless a tech will work on for free after hours or something like that, not a huge company here , only 8 of us and we pretty much take care of one another
  8. we sell to employees at 10% over cost on anything
  9. We use, have been for about 6 months +/- it is 199. monthly plus if customer comes in via repairpal , towed or off their website they get a 10% fee of invoice amount, we have gotten a handful (one handful ) of new customers in this span of time , I don't think we will continue much longer , don't really see the value. A lot of bargain hunters ....we are not a bargain shop, we are better than that. jeff
  10. using the above method of tire pricing we average 60 tires a month +/- , which i dont think is too bad for a small independent shop
  11. we sell tires, usually pick a good brand and offer just that (hankook) , we do not stock tires anymore , used to , but was difficult to keep up with ever changing sizes and carrying multiple brands etc. we get 2-4 deliveries a day , we sell of course based on customer need but convenience as well, car is here, needs tires, we can do NOW, you get the idea. what we charge, 23.99 M+B each tire, valve stem, service pack, extra. tires we price like this , tire cost 87.91 lets say, multiply by 1.5 , sell for 131.86 , if tire is over 100 dollars we multiply by 1.36 102.44 x 1.36 sell for 139.31 .
  12. I would have to say our top supplier is worldpac, best parts , delivery , price , quality etc.. second would be parts authority . napa and carquest tied for third, sorry but dont see much in high quality from those 2 , dont care about price at all, quality matters most. want to do job 1 time only!! jeff

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