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  2. I wanted to ask a question that no one can give me straight answer on. I know in the past on any normal vehicle when you rotated the tires you wanted the best tires in the front (I'm talking about lets say a Ford Taurus). Several years ago I see the Michelin video where they put two Ford Taurus's side by side with one vehicle having the new tires in the front and the other vehicle having the new tires installed on the rear. Per the NHTSA they state accidents occur or loss of control mainly begins with the rear end losing control therefore you want to have your best tires on the rear? So with all the experts out there and I've also asked many other owners what they think but mainly I'm still seeing "best tires in the front". What are your thoughts? Thanks guys. I'm excited that I found this site!
  3. This is a very good topic. Though I am not the owner but have managed multiple shops I always run into the question. Can I work on my vehicle during shop hours if we have an open bay and we are slow? Do we mark up the parts if they want to purchase them through the shop account? Do we open a repair order for insurance purposes? If the tech is paid salary do you charge him for the hours needed for the repair say like a valve cover replacement? I've been with many different independent shops and each owner does things differently. What do you all think is the right way to do it?

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