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  1. We are a small rural shop; my guys are on salary and average 55-60 hours a week. Between the salary & bonus plan I think we are fair on our pay. We only charge 65.00/hour for mech work but our main shop is a tire shop, so we don't get into much other stop besides brakes or light mech work. The shop stays very busy that we some nights must stay late to get everyone taken care of. 1 employee focuses on the mech. part & helps with tires, the other is mainly tire & office sales & paperwork. There are a few times a month that the tire guy will need to do an afterhours call from anyt
  2. I don't spend a lot of time working in the shop on a day to day basis, but do have to do some after hours services or jump in to help. The shop has a few sets of tools that have been placed around in the shop so you don't need to go looking when you need common tools. Yesterday doing a couple simple tire changes & I needed a pair of pliers they station should have 2 they had none I asked a mechanic he went across the room to go get one pair. I then use the machine to breakdown the tire & it wouldn't bust the bead, so I went to the other machine & it was the same way so I went to do
  3. We are looking at the same idea. We feel it is a team program all doing a great job to provide the best experience for the customer. We are all on salary & trying to increase our profits with new customers & retain existing. So I have tried to think of away to come up with a benchmark that say last year in the first quarter we did xxxx amount of sales this year we increased it buy 7000.00 so the group gets a part of that to split. My issues is A, just because we sold 7000.00 more don't mean our profit was much higher. This shouldn't be so tough I'm sure other shops have a plan that wor
  4. BNC173


  5. Looking for ideas or suggestions maybe something that has worked for other shops. Again we are a small rural shop, out of the main town about 10 miles. We have several tow companies in the area that will haul by our shop & take to another shop. We mainly do tires but are able to do light mechanic work like brakes, alternators, batteries, starters, etc, etc. I know some customers may request to take it to another shop but I also feel that we are an option that gets over looked & the tow companies may make a little more buy driving on by. My Question is does anyone have a prog
  6. We have a small shop in a small town where feedback is important to us. We have a handful of customers that owe us money for one reason or another. I don't want my name in the local paper that I sue everyone that owes but how can you get them to pay. I know we can't go take wheel off to repo them or assume we can't? Looking to be that pain that they will just pay to get rid of me. We call or message and get the same story as always checks in the mail or I will stop in next week etc. What are others doing and don't give me the we don't allow charges because we don't either but everyone has that
  7. We have also used "ontheclock" but are moving to our shop system since it has one built right in.
  8. I agree on the Fujitsu ScanSnap as being great scanners.
  9. Well, I was thinking 5% across the board. Then the question arose about labor, If he wants to use the shop & tools after hours & is a trusted employee that is not taking advantage of it do you allow it or say no so it don't start something you don't want. If they want to do it on reg shop hours I feel if I'm paying them they should pay full shop rate because I could maybe have that bay full of a paying customer, so what do you all do with labor or shop use?
  10. I have a new employee that needs to get some tires & asked if he was able to get them at cost or a discounted rate. We don't put much profit on the tires so not a lot of room to offer a discount. I do have other employee's that get for the cost, but they are also family members & in management. I'm curious what do other shops do or offer the employee's. Thanks
  11. I started a business idea & funded everything to get the business going. It has boomed faster then I expected, i still own & run the shop from the outside but I have 2 family members that have grown the shop from the sales & service from the inside & have been paid a weekly check plus sales bonus checks above any local shop. I have the idea that over the long haul I will recoop my investment & time. I have told them the more we grow the more you will earn pretty simple plan. The company continues to grow every month so I'm not worried about location & all the other thin
  12. http://www.wilsonsdirecttires.com/ Our new website still working on the tweaks but always a work in progress.

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