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  1. Hey there @Hands On, here's a replay link of the same training I held in our Facebook Group today-- request to join and you'll have full access: https://www.facebook.com/groups/successful.shop.owners/permalink/484011562390573/
  2. until
    FREE LIVE TRAINING TODAY! Yeah, I know right now that you're probably busier than a mosquito at a nudist colony right now - but as you know, that's coming to an end when the kids head back to school - just like it always does in September. (Please don't be fooled into thinking that 'this year is going to be different', because it's not. History always repeats itself). TODAY (Wednesday July 17th) at noon EST I'm hosting a free live masterclass training to help you prepare => and potentially totally eliminate this and any future slow periods forever. There is no cost and no registration required. Just show up here in this Facebook group prepared to learn. If you can't be with me live, no problem. The training will automatically be recorded and available for a few days. Just come back to the Facebook Group any time 24/7, day or night before Sunday at midnight. I hope to see you there! Click Here To Join The Successful Shop Owner Facebook Group
  3. === Free Online Training for Auto Repair Shop Owners === Okay... I can't hold my excitement in any longer because I just finished up the final details on my brand new workshop that I'm going to be offering over the next couple of days only... Register here ==> http://bit.ly/2MNo2jC I'm going to cover the three most important things that you could ever do in your shop. These are the three things that the top shop owners are doing. They've mastered this and it's the sole reason why they are, well, BETTER than everybody else! Don't believe me? Sign up using the link and see for yourself! Register here ==> http://bit.ly/2MNo2jC I'd say it's the best training I've done in the 23 years that I've been doing these. Needless to say, I'm excited to show you. Reserve your spot to the free training by clicking the link below. Register here ==> http://bit.ly/2MNo2jC - Ron Ipach
  4. Brand New LIVE Workshop for Auto Repair Shop Owners. ...I've got to tell you I'm super excited because I just created the final details on this brand new Live Workshop that I'm going to be offering tomorrow at Noon EST [ Register here for free: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4815585386172/WN__Vh527KXQPSAmM8P97M0jw ] I'm going to be covering the three most important things that you could ever do in your shop. These are the three things that the top shop owners are doing and they've mastered this and that's the sole reason why they are, well, BETTER than everybody else. [ Register here for free: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4815585386172/WN__Vh527KXQPSAmM8P97M0jw ] It's the best training I'd say I've probably done in the 23 years that I've been doing this. So I'm super excited. I want you to join me go down below this video, click the button and I'll see you on the live training. [ Register here for free: https://zoom.us/webinar/register/4815585386172/WN__Vh527KXQPSAmM8P97M0jw ]
  5. CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE SUCCESSFUL SHOP OWNERS FACEBOOK GROUP [transcription] Could Auto Repair Flat Rate Be Dead? TECHNICIAN shortage today is real. Last study that I saw said, for every eight shops that’s looking for a technician, there’s only one tech available so I know many of you watching this are experiencing that same thing. And I’ll also say one thing that I found: most technicians, when I mention flat rate, their cheeks kind of pucker up. They hate it. Why? There’s risk. They’ve been burned before. So often in the technicians starved market, what’s a shop owner left to do but put technicians on hourly or even maybe salary? And what that leads to is, really what I’m going to call an “uninspired performance.” Why? They get comfortable, they’re able to pay their bills without exerting a ton of effort. So what’s a shop owner to do? The answer I’ve uncovered recently in my shop is to have a Win Number. For every single employee. See one of the truths I discovered in my 30 plus years of being a shop owner is that often we don’t get the most out of our employees because we never really sat down and told them what we expect. I know that’s been one of my mistakes. So one of the things that I’ve done recently is I’ve given each employee a weekly Win Number, and that’s why it’s so important. For example, I recently sat down with each of my technicians and shared with them their Win Number. What do I mean by win number? What I expect out of them in parts and labor production for each employee. The numbers are based on my desired technician cost as a percentage of sales. It’s worked so well with my technicians that I now sent it out and established that win number with both my CSR and my service advisor. I’ve got to tell you the results have been incredible. Not only are my sales and profits up through the roof lately, it’s led to believe it or not, happier employees. Why? They drive home at the end of the day or at the end of the week knowing that they hit their goals. Knowing that they’ve contributed to a successful week for the shop and that certainly led to a happier shop owner! So, let me leave you with a question. Does each and every one of your employees on your team clearly know what you expect of them? If your answer is not a resounding YES, it’s time to put a pencil to paper and figure out each team employee or each team members weekly and daily Win.
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    @NATURE Congrats, and welcome to the forum! - Ron Ipach
  8. Hey fellow members and shop owners, I recently released a Webinar on How Shop Owners are Creating Million Dollar Shops (and how you can too) and I feel obligated to share here with all of you. I truly believe that if you really want to kick some ass this year and finally have the business and shop you've always envisioned for yourself, this Webinar is absolutely critical. Throughout this Webinar I'll share the 4 Key Strategies My Clients Have Used to Take Their Shops From 0 to $1Million in One Year. How do I know you're the perfect candidate? Well... 1. You want to live up to your potential this year. 2. You know if you achieve all of your goals in 2019, you will create your dream life and repair shop. 3. You don’t want to leave your success up to chance. It matters to you. So you want to invest in things that’ll help you reach your goals faster. 4. You’re interested in quick wins that will lead to your greatest achievements in 2019. If you invest at least an hour of your time to watch this webinar, then you’ll be set up for a year of success. If that sounds like a no-brainer investment, that’s because it is. Simply Click Here to register for free, and lets form some fail-proof strategies together.... Looking forward to your feedback, Ron Ipach
  9. Fellow shop owners and entrepreneurs, Over the last several months, I've spoken to hundreds of shop owners and managers who have all seemed to have a different issue in their shop, resulting in slow business (or sometimes, no business at all). These issues seem to range from not enough car count, disgruntled employees, inability to turn a profit, can't find a good tech, high turnover, marketing isn't working, and the list goes on. For most of these shops, the conversation I've had with them has either been able to assist in solving their biggest problem, or at the very least, steer them in the right direction. I wanted to take this topic over here to AutoShopOwner and generate a better understanding of the biggest problems that shops are having right now - whether they are based on season, shop placement, or circumstance. Please leave your reply below and I am sure that I'll either be able to help, or steer you in the right direction.
  10. December spells the end of 2018, and hopefully you're wrapping up what was a fantastic year for your auto repair shop and business. Now… it’s time to start thinking about how to make 2019 an EVEN BETTER year. (Heck, let’s go ahead and plan on making it your best year ever! Right?) By attending for this special Live Online Webinar, you're going to get the proven 4-step process that will practically GUARANTEE 2019 to be a blow-out success for you. With these four steps, you’ll be able to… ==> DOUBLE your take-home pay (Yes, that’s not a misprint. I’ll show you how.) ==> Magnetically attract more (and even better!) customers to your shop ==> Easily sell your services at higher prices than your competitors ==> Find, hire, and keep that elusive tech you’ve been searching for ==> Put the fun back into running your shop! If you're interested... there is absolutely ZERO cost to attend this training. All you'll need is 45 minutes of your day set aside in order to watch this webinar live. For the dates, times, and registration details, CLICK HERE
  11. Do you want the The HARDCORE TRUTH to Finding, Attracting, Hiring, And Keeping Top Techs? Sign up (for free) here for access to my brand new mini series: http://bit.ly/find-techs. Video One Coming Monday, 11/5... MORE DETAILS AND REGISTRATION: http://bit.ly/find-techs
  12. Discover The Top 3 Sales Techniques To EXPLODE Profits In Your Auto Repair Shop. CLICK TO REGISTER NOW
  13. - LIVE WEBINAR TONIGHT - < 8:00 PM EST > Register For Free Below Last night, I was up late putting the final touches on my new webinar, and let me tell you... I am fired up! I believe this is my best webinar yet, and it will go LIVE at 8PM tonight (August 2nd). If you need more car count and profits, you can’t afford to miss this one. I’ll show you exactly how shops all over the country are using the latest techniques and technology to attract more new customers to their shops than ever before. I hope you can carve out an hour of your time to help take your business to the next level. - Captain Car Count
  14. Let me ask you a few questions about your year to this point… Has 2018 been the killer breakout year that you hoped for? Are you still tired of not having enough quality car count in your shop every day? Are you wondering why you’re working so hard, yet not making the money you should be making? Is the endless ‘feast or famine’ of this business driving you nuts? Are you frustrated with running around your shop all day putting out fires – instead of getting any ‘real’ work done? Are you ready to get a proven plan handed to you on a silver platter that will help you attract an endless supply of customers, crank up your profits, and get your shop running in tip-top shape – while working fewer hours than you’ve ever worked before? If so, you’ll want to do everything humanly possible to clear your schedule and join us at the upcoming High Performance Workshop (August 18th & 19th) - UPDATE: EVENT HAS PASSED. CLICK HERE TO WATCH AN EXCLUSIVE SALES TRAINING You’ll be exposed to the TRUTH about what it takes to be successful in today’s environment from an actual million dollar shop owner. This workshop is a 2-Day LIVE intensive training where we take you by the hand and walk you through every step of what it takes to run a KICK-BUTT, smooth running, and HIGHLY PROFITABLE repair shop! Click here to learn more and register today! Ron
  15. Getting back to the topic... do NOT encourage your customers to give you Yelp reviews as Yelp has had a long-standing view that reviews should happen organically (without any encouragement). Unfortunately, getting the 'organic' reviews is difficult because most folks simply aren't in the habit of posting them. Think about it... How many times have you been thrilled with the service you received at a restaurant or other place of business, yet you never took the time to write a review. They, just like you, deserve the public 'high-fives', but they rarely happen on their own. In my view, you must take a proactive approach if you want to get more and better reviews.

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