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  1. Car Count Daily | Episode 12 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 12 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox TRANSCRIPTION: Hey shop owners, Ron Ipach here, sometimes known as Captain Car Count, and welcome to yet another episode of Car Count Daily. Now on today's episode, I'm going to be covering the most frequently asked question that I get as an expert marketer for auto repair shops. And that question is, "Who should I market to?" The answer I always give seems to disappoint shop owners, because it's a lot simpler than what you might think. Everybody thinks there's some secret society, or this secret group of people that you have to really attract to your shop to be successful and get more customers to your shop. And it's not anything special. Really, it is your own customers, the people that you've already done business with, the people that know, love and trust you. The people you've already done good service for. Those are the best people that you should be marketing to. Why? Well, let's face it. They're not coming back to you as often as they really should. Most shop owners tell me that the average car should be in the shop at least three times a year. But I'll bet, if you look at your database and count how many times each car's been in your shop, it's not three times. So what I'm telling you is you need to encourage them. You've got to give them a reason to come back to you more often.And let's face it. There are more cars sitting in the driveway than that one car you might be seeing. They may have two or three other cars sitting in the driveway that you're not seeing. They're being taken somewhere else, and maintained or repaired. They're not happening, it's not happening at your shop. So by marketing to the people that you already know, you know what they're buying habits are, you know if they're good customers or if they're bad customers. You just need to get your message to them. I mean, think about it. You can go and spend a lot of money to attract somebody new to your shop, and you have no idea if this person is interested in fixing and maintaining their car. You have no idea if they're willing to spend the money it takes to keep their car running properly. You do know that about your current customers. So why not take any money that you're spending to attract a new customer and start paying attention to your own customer. You know, I've heard the only reason why you're going to lose a current customer is because you're not paying attention to them. You're allowing other people who are advertising to spend more time and energy and effort and market to them than you are. You're just kind of letting them go. Don't let that happen any more. The best customer to get in your shop is the person you already have a relationship with.So take all those marketing dollars that you're using to attract new customers and start marketing to your own customers and I absolutely guarantee you're going to get a lot more car count. That's going to do it for today's episode. I hope it helped. If you like what you're seeing, if you like what you're hearing, leave me a comment down below this video.
  2. If you are currently texting your clients and are using one of those potentially expensive services that charge a pretty decent monthly fee, and then in some cases, up to an additional dollar per text to send automated and group texts to your clients, you'll probably want to check out a service that I've been recommending to my clients for several years - and it's totally FREE for your first 250 texts, then only .05 cents for each text after that. https://www.eztexting.com/ Sure, it doesn't have a direct link to your client list, requiring you to export/import your mobile numbers into their system (a 10-minute process) - but once your client's mobile numbers are uploaded into EZtexting you can pre-schedule your individual and group texts to go out whenever you wish. Happy texting!
  3. I agree. Each individual shop can only handle a slice of the car count pie that's available at any given time in any given city. I think too often we're looking at how big the whole pie is. In other words, if your shop needs 60 cars per week to run at peak efficiency, then your slice is 60 - no matter if the pie is 61 or 1061. If the pie ever falls below 60, then there is no hope to maximize your opportunity. We are not there yet and probably won't be for a very long time. If you're doing what's necessary to keep your small slice (whatever it needs to be), does it really matter how big the pie is? (And yes, I do realize there are many other shops (maybe too many) trying to grab a piece of your pie every day. If they do a better job at marketing than you do, they'll probably be successful. Your job is to make sure they don't. As a mentor of mine used to tell me, the best marketer always wins!)
  4. If you look hard enough, I'm sure you'll find articles with opposing views on almost every subject under the sun. I was at a meeting with Peter Diamandis where he put forth a pretty powerful case on why the auto industry is doomed in the near future. Looking at the data he provided, it was very hard to ignore. But then I found a lot of the same articles that you're linking to where each had their own opposing viewpoints as well. Who is right? Both maybe? Does it matter? I dunno.
  5. Oops. Looks like I've been totally busted :-( Let me amend my statement to correct my egregious misstatement (or do I dare even say a total disregard for the facts - an outright lie, maybe?). Looks like tyrguy, ScottSpec, and a few others that have 'liked' ScottSpec's posts are the only one's out of almost 1000 video views (plus maybe hundreds more that have read this (and so I don't get caught with another 'inaccurate and misleading' statement again) and other threads on this forum that seem to be taking exception to my message. Your statement that you were 'turned off' by my videos speaks loudly and explains why you keep trying to find fault with my messages. I'm not your (and plenty others') cup of tea. That's okay. I can come across as arrogant, brash, harsh, opinionated and prickish. I can be very polarizing (But what's weird, most that have ever met me have said I'm the most kind, nice, and generous person they know - go figure, huh?). I never attempt to play both sides of the fence in order to appease my detractors - in fact, I couldn't care less about what my detractors have to say because I'm never going to sway them in my direction. That's an exercise in futility. I'm a glass if half-full kind of guy and look for opportunity in everything - no matter what the majority think, say, or do. In fact, if 80% are looking for excuses rather than taking action on low car count - I see that as a massive opportunity for those that believe in the opportunity and are willing to do the work that it takes to attract all of this available car count to their shops. This has been proven to be very fruitful for quite a few shops ;-) I've been at this for over 20 years and have been blessed to have helped thousands of shops already. I live, eat, and breathe marketing every single day and know what works, what's showing promise, and what is utter bullcrap being touted as the 'next big thing' in car count. So yes, I honestly believe I have more than a leg up when it comes to marketing. Every year, tens of millions of dollars in sales are being attracted to shops around the world with marketing that I created, tested, and provided for my clients. Before I go, I don't want to miss the opportunity to thank you (ScotSpec) and tyrguy for your thoughts and opinions. I welcome them. I learn from them. They help me understand how the other side of the aisle thinks. They keep me humble by reminding me that mine is not the only opinion that matters. And most importantly, allow me to go on a rant like this and attract like-minded folks, while repelling guys like you. After all, that's what marketing is - attract those that you want to do business with while repelling those you don't.
  6. Congratulations on doing the work to attract the customers. By staying optimistic about your opportunities, you've taken the necessary actions to grab all of that available care count, and now are reaping the rewards. My guess is that if you had taken the pessimistic viewpoint instead, and looked for all the reasons why there is less car count out there - I'm sure your results would have been quite the opposite. Keep up the good work!
  7. tyrguy, Please stop looking to blame outside forces for your car count numbers being off. This serves no one and almost seems like you've given up hope. As I have pointed out several times to you before, if your numbers are off - it's up to YOU to fix it - and finding 'proof' there are fewer opportunities sure as heck isn't helping you fix it. Action will.
  8. Car Count Daily | Episode 11 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 11 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox
  9. Hmmmm... Okay, here are a few more statements that I've never made, and won't admit to being a fact either... "The use of E-cigarettes will make you addicted to technology" "If only I had a 3D printer. Then I would illegally download a lego" "Using your old laptop to research buying a new one is just like asking it to dig it's own grave" "If you touch your phone in all the right places, a pizza will show up at your door" "Since nothing ever gets removed from the internet, in 15 years the internet will be filled with videos of cats that are dead" "Sacred cows make the best hamburgers" "During the day I don't believe in ghosts. At night I tend to me a little more open-minded" As amusing as this has been for me, it seems you're simply looking to find an argument with my point of view on car count. I see that now. So rather than playing ping pong with you all day, I'll declare you the winner =>You're right! Better made cars are exactly what is killing car count in your shop and there is nothing that you can do about it to quickly turn the car count deficit around in your shop.
  10. Let me ask a few quick questions... If you were to be able to maintain a consistently high car count, would you be arguing with me about the lack of cars out there to be serviced? If you maintained a healthy average ticket, would you complain about how no one has any money? If you were fully staffed with great techs that turned plenty of hours and respected your leadership, would you complain about the lack of good techs? My guess is, you'd answer 'no' to all three questions. My point is this: Rather than accept the 'facts', find a way to fix the problem that ails you.
  11. Car Count Daily | Episode 10 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 10 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox
  12. Let me start off by asking you a very important but very quick question: what BS story are you telling yourself? Let me repeat that: What BS story are you telling yourself? We all have these stories and shop owner excuses that we keep telling ourselves that we think are true, that when you really look at it, they're really utter bullshit, but we've been telling ourselves the same story over and over that we actually believe it's true. Case in point, now if you've ever been on one of my live webinars, you know that because I'm live, I can have a conversation with some of the people that are on the webinar. The other night, a gentleman was complaining about car count. He said because cars are made better (another thing I hear A LOT), there are no cars out there and there's a lack of car count, and that's a big problem. I took that as an opportunity to tell him what I've probably told you before, if you've been watching these videos, that I don't believe that there's a car count problem out there at all because in every city all over the United States, all over Canada, there are cars sitting on lifts right now in your own town, dozens, maybe even hundreds of them, every single day that are being repaired and maintained by other shops, other shops collectively, but on any given day, there are tons of opportunities to repair cars. The problem is they're just in somebody else's shop, they're not in yours. It's not a lack of cars out there to be repaired, there's just a lack of cars in your auto repair shop. It's a marketing problem, it's not a problem caused by cars being made better. Now I've told that story before. In case this is the very first time you've heard that, please believe me it is a marketing problem, not cars are made better. That's the reason why you don't have enough cars. Now we're past that. Because I can go back and forth with them, I told that same story. He'd so believed that it was a problem that he wasn't able to fix, that he told me about the shop owner that was less than a mile away from his shop that said the very same thing, that his shop was down with cars as well. I guess the two of them got together and commiserated about the car count being down, and now both of them believe that there's a car count problem out there. That's an example of the BS story we keep telling ourselves that simply isn't true. I want you to go back and think of all the things you say on a daily basis, maybe, "I can't find good techs," or, "There are no good techs out there anymore." There are good techs out there, they're just not working for you. What you look for, you're going to find. It's just the truth. Let me give you an example, and this is a story I've told my clients over and over. It's a great example of what you look for, you will see in abundance right there in front of you. A few years back, we bought a beach condo down in Florida. We thought it'd be fun to have a Jeep, to be on the beach, and just the perfect car to have down there. I never owned a Jeep before, but guess what? As soon as I decided I was going to buy a Jeep, I saw Jeeps everywhere, all shapes and sizes and colors driving everywhere. I've been seeing them every single day go by, but I didn't see them until I decided I want to buy a Jeep. Did everybody all of a sudden go out and buy a Jeep when I decided? No. It's because I was looking for Jeeps, all of a sudden I saw them. There was an abundance of Jeeps driving by me every single day. I just didn't notice them because I wasn't looking for it. Then I decided I was going to buy a blue Jeep. You guessed it; pretty soon everybody was driving a blue Jeep. There were blue Jeeps everywhere. Everybody didn't go out and decide that they're going to buy a Jeep, and then they didn't decide if they're going to buy a blue Jeep. It's just I started focusing on it and I started finding exactly what I'm focusing on. If you're saying that there are no good techs out there, you're going to focus on all the bad hires that you've had, you're going to focus on all the bad interviews you've been on, and you're going to say, "See? I told you so. There are no good techs out there." The same thing with your car count. If you're going to constantly complain and look at the lack of cars that are out there in your own shop, you're going to keep seeing the same problem over and over and over. It's going to become etched in your mind. It's going to be a BS story, but if you start looking around, start driving around and realize there are dozens, if not hundreds, of cars sitting on lifts every single day in other people's shops and not in your shop, you'll realize you have a marketing problem and you'll start to tackle the big problem that you have right there. I hope this helps. Go and think of all those things that you tell yourself so often that it's now etched in stone and it's true, and see if you could find the opposite. I guarantee you'll find it everywhere. Thanks for watching. Oh, by the way, I really appreciate all the comments.
  13. Car Count Daily | Episode 9 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 9 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox -------------------- Welcome to today’s issue of Car Count Daily. Now, you’re probably wondering why am I driving a car, and not only doing something so stupid as driving a car and recording a video, but I’m drinking an iced coffee at the exact same time. In other words, why am I multitasking here, doing something vitally important which is driving a car safely, while talking to you, and sipping on a coffee? Well, it’s actually to talk about something that you’re probably doing every single day, which is multitasking during probably one of the most important things that you could ever be doing with your shop every single day, which is marketing your business.I’m Captain Car Count, so of course I’m talking about auto repair marketing. This really goes into all areas of your business. I mean think about it, how many times are you being pulled in all these different directions. As the auto repair shop owner you’ve got a lot of things that you need to do. You have a lot of employees talking to you, you have customers, parts vendors, the phone’s ringing, and you’re trying to do a lot of things at once. Oh by the way, you’re going to try to squeeze in a few minutes here or there to do your auto repair marketing. I’m going to tell you, stop doing that. That is a recipe for disaster. You’re never going to do everything really, really well.Now fortunately I’m at a red light here, so I can stare at the camera. When we start rolling, I have to focus on the one thing, the most important thing, which is right now, which is navigating this beast down the road safely so I don’t hurt anybody, or hurt myself. Think of it that way when it comes to your marketing. Focus on marketing, and nothing else. The best way to do that is get the heck out of the shop. Chances are you’re going to be really busy in the shop, people pulling you different directions, and asking questions, and the employee comes in with that one really quick question that turns into a half hour task that you just put on your back. Then if you get time, you get back to doing some marketing.I hope you understand what I’m talking about, is just get focused on the most important task, which is marketing. Now, how do you do this when you’re in a busy environment? Well the best way I know, is get the heck out of that environment. Get away from the shop, and get to a quiet place. If it’s a matter of staying home, if you can be left alone at home, then by all means stay at home. If not, go down to the public library, or find some place, a hotel lobby where you can be left alone to work on your marketing. If you’re trying to multitask while you’re doing your marketing, just like I’m trying to multitask and drink my coffee here doing this, you’re not going to do really well at any of that stuff. Marketing is extremely important.I hope I kind of drilled that idea into your head for today, so you do find the time to focus on marketing, and be 100% present with just marketing, and not doing everything else at the exact same time. You’ll get a lot more done, you’ll get a lot more cars coming to your shop, which is going to help you make a lot more money, okay? That’s going to do it for today.Before you discontinue reading, please, I’d love to hear your feedback. What do you think about car count daily? Do you like them, do you hate them, are there some suggestions you have for me other than not driving while I’m recording a video? Which okay I get, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to say never, but I’m not going to do that a whole lot. Leave a comment below this video, shoot me an email, send me a carrier pigeon. However, just get the message to me. Let me know how you like these videos, and if there’s anything else you want me to touch on with these videos in the future.
  14. Hmmmm... Not sure why you'd say I'm doing you a disservice with my thoughts?? There are a lot of ways to approach the issue of car count being down. I chose to go the route of average age of the vehicles. You mentioned the lack of fear in the consumers getting stranded. We could talk about the overabundance of shops in the marketplace. Cars made better. Maybe fewer miles being driven by consumers because of Uber; Lyft; Amazon shopping; home delivery of goods; work at home employees; etc. There are lots of reasons why car count is down and we can spend all day on each and every one of them - but my main point I was trying to get to (although maybe not my best effort) is summed up in the final sentence of my post -- "it's just up to you to go focus on your marketing and attract more customers to your shop. " You see, every day, in practically every city, there are cars sitting on lifts RIGHT NOW. Cars that are being inspected, serviced, and maintained. If you have 10 competitors in your area and each of them has 7 cars in their shop per day => that means that there are 70 vehicles PER DAY, in your market area, that are not in YOUR shop! They are instead in someone else's. You cannot control what's happening in the industry. Why not focus more on what you can control => attracting more of those 70 daily available cars to your shop?
  15. What's New In Automotive Marketing? A lot. I'm addressing a question from a shop owner named Dave who's been in business for 28 years. He asked, "Is there anything new in the automotive repair industry?" In a word, yeah. A lot has changed in these 28 years. If we look at the car itself, obviously, you know the cars are made a whole lot better than they used to be. You're more in a maintenance business than you were in a repair business. That has changed drastically over these 28 years. Also, what's changed is the consumer, the consumer habits. The way of contacting them has changed enormously. The buying habits of the consumer have changed drastically. Your share of their attention, trying to grab their attention when they're being bombarded by all the advertising that's out there has changed drastically. When we think about it, millennials, which is now the largest group of people that are out there, they grew up with cell phones in their hands. Everything is online. They're doing mobile searches instead of looking through the yellow pages. They buy things differently and at different times. You and I have changed a lot as well with that. When was the last time that you did some online shopping? I know I did a lot of my Christmas shopping last year online. I didn't even have to leave the house to whittle down that Christmas list. A lot of people are driving less because they can simply go on Amazon and have it delivered in a couple hours. That's changed drastically, the amount of miles that people are driving as well as people are using services like Uber and Lyft for other people to drive them. It's very inexpensive for people to get driven around. Their driving habits are changing a lot. The one thing I can tell you is the marketing principles have not changed. The way we contact people have changed. The messages we give them have changed. The people we're marketing to have changed. All of those have changed drastically over the past 28 years, but the main principles, the core competencies of marketing really haven't changed much at all. What am I talking about? First off, we got to find the right person to market to, the person we want to attract to our shop. Second, we have to give them a very compelling message. We got to grab their attenton. As I said before, there's a lot more competition for those eyeballs. People are looking at email, they're online. They're seeing advertisements bombarding from all these different areas. We have to be a lot more savvy in how we try to attract their attention. That hasn't changed. Then we need to give them a very compelling offer. That's a good core competency and make sure that you have that in all of your marketing as well as you got to give them a sense of urgency. We got to have the right target. We have to have the right message. We have to have the right offer, and we have to give them that sense of urgency, so that they come in right now. That all has been the same. Everything else about running the business has totally changed. If you're not keeping up with that, you're going to be left behind. Again, the marketing, the core competencies haven't changed, but everything that layers on top of that, how we deliver that message, that's changed drastically. Who we're delivering it to has changed drastically. -- Ron Ipach (a.k.a Captain Car Count) President/Founder of Repair Shop Coach More articles and content like this and originated through Ron Ipach's Car Count Daily campaign Auto Repair Shop Owners, Managers, and Automotive Industry Professionals are invited to join 'Car Count Daily Boosters' LinkedIn group to provide resources and gain insight on boosting car count DAILY and filling up the bays in their shops.