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  1. Hi! I appreciate you taking a look! If you're interested I would be happy to get on a call and provide a Demo. Once you sign up, you would have to go into your email inbox and activate your account. I believe that is why you're not seeing anything, since it is showing your account as not activated yet.
  2. Hello Autoshop Management Network 😄 I have been developing an Automotive Shop Management system. I am here because I would like to start getting what I have developed in front of shop owners, mechanics and others a part of the auto-shop network. I am looking to provide a software solution that can assist shop owners with managing their business. I am also looking to get some feedback so I can continue development and build more new features that people are looking for. I would really like to provide a free demo for anybody who would be interested. I am happy to offer free usage on an extended free trial basis. Please feel free message me, call me or comment below. You can also click on the link and take a look: https://www.motivware.com. Below are also several screenshots from the application. If you have any requests or want to learn more let me know. I am open to an opportunity to partner with someone in the industry who would be interested in trying to get this application going! Thanks, Damon Clark 412-916-1953 This is an example of an invoice that can be generated and printed while using the application This is an example of adding a new vehicle by using the vin number Here is an example of the work orders section where different service repairs can be added. Adding a customer list

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