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Found 5 results

  1. Do you want the The HARDCORE TRUTH to Finding, Attracting, Hiring, And Keeping Top Techs? Sign up (for free) here for access to my brand new mini series: http://bit.ly/find-techs. Video One Coming Monday, 11/5... MORE DETAILS AND REGISTRATION: http://bit.ly/find-techs
  2. Dear Shop Owner, Ron Ipach (a.k.a. Captain Car Count) would like to finally share with you his proven 4-step process that he's secretly been teaching to his private auto repair shop clients for the past 21 years, that’ll practically guarantee 2018 to be a blow-out success for you. It’s January and that means the new year has kicked off in a big way. Even though we're only a few weeks in, hopefully you’re well on your way to having another fantastic year. Now, as an Auto Repair Shop Owner, it’s time to start thinking about how to make 2018 an EVEN BETTER year than last. (Heck, let’s go ahead and plan on making it your best year ever! Right?) Ipach, often referred to as the industry's expert when it comes to Car Count, is now accepting registrants to... NEW WEBINAR ANNOUNCEMENT MAKE 2018 YOUR BEST YEAR EVER: 1. Magnetically attract more (and even better!) customers to your shop 2. Easily sell your services at higher prices than your competitors 3. Increase your take-home pay by 30%, 50%, or more 4. Find, hire, and keep that elusive tech you’ve been searching for
  3. Car Count Daily | Episode 13 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 13 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inboxv The people that have just given you money are the best group of people to get the money from the next time. It's the low-hanging fruit, and I want you to really start paying attention to marketing exclusively to them instead of trying to get a new customer in the door to replace them.It costs a lot of money to replace a lost customer, so we want to make sure that we stay in contact with all of our good customers all the time. So that's actually what we're going to be covering today on today's video. We're going to be talking about how often do you market to them? And I'm going to give you an answer that you may not be expecting. I'm going to say that you need to market to them every single week.Now you might be saying, "That's too much." Once a week is what I want you to be in front of them so they remember you, so they ... because you don't know when they're going to need service, right? There's no way you know exactly the time that they're thinking about auto repair, so you need to be there when they are thinking about it. So every single week you need to be hitting them with some sort of a marketing message.When you think of it, the average consumer right now on a daily basis, I've seen estimates as high as ten thousand marketing messages every single day that they're being bombarded with. So don't think that you're going to be marketing entirely too much to them by touching them one time per week, four times per month. That's hardly going to make much of a dent in the universe of how many people are trying to market to them. So four, don't get carried away and say that, four is entirely too much because chances are they're not going to see most of the marketing messages.It's important we stay in contact with them as often as possible, because when they're looking for auto repair, that's when they're going to notice that you're there, so I suggest you mail at least twice a month to them. I like mailing a newsletter on the first week of the month, and some sort of a postcard mailer or something on the third week of the month. Then use the power of the new kind of marketing, the electronic marketing, either, and it's not new, the emails. But send them an email on the second and fourth week, or send them a text message on one of those weeks, or maybe pick up the good old phone and call them.That's how often you need to stay in contact with them. You don't want a week that goes by where they lose sight of you. You need to be there when they're ready for you, and there's no way you know when they're going to be ready for you. So don't think this is too much. You know, I actually have clients that are marketing to their clients a lot more than that. But on a minimum, once a week you should be marketing to all of your clients, okay?You either take the information and run with it, because I know it works, or think I'm totally crazy, and I'm marketing entirely too much, but I can tell you, I do know, when you get in the habit of marketing once a week to your current list, your car counts do go up substantially. So take my advice, don't take my advice, either way I wish you the best of success.
  4. Car Count Daily | Episode 9 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Car Count Daily | Episode 9 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox -------------------- Welcome to today’s issue of Car Count Daily. Now, you’re probably wondering why am I driving a car, and not only doing something so stupid as driving a car and recording a video, but I’m drinking an iced coffee at the exact same time. In other words, why am I multitasking here, doing something vitally important which is driving a car safely, while talking to you, and sipping on a coffee? Well, it’s actually to talk about something that you’re probably doing every single day, which is multitasking during probably one of the most important things that you could ever be doing with your shop every single day, which is marketing your business.I’m Captain Car Count, so of course I’m talking about auto repair marketing. This really goes into all areas of your business. I mean think about it, how many times are you being pulled in all these different directions. As the auto repair shop owner you’ve got a lot of things that you need to do. You have a lot of employees talking to you, you have customers, parts vendors, the phone’s ringing, and you’re trying to do a lot of things at once. Oh by the way, you’re going to try to squeeze in a few minutes here or there to do your auto repair marketing. I’m going to tell you, stop doing that. That is a recipe for disaster. You’re never going to do everything really, really well.Now fortunately I’m at a red light here, so I can stare at the camera. When we start rolling, I have to focus on the one thing, the most important thing, which is right now, which is navigating this beast down the road safely so I don’t hurt anybody, or hurt myself. Think of it that way when it comes to your marketing. Focus on marketing, and nothing else. The best way to do that is get the heck out of the shop. Chances are you’re going to be really busy in the shop, people pulling you different directions, and asking questions, and the employee comes in with that one really quick question that turns into a half hour task that you just put on your back. Then if you get time, you get back to doing some marketing.I hope you understand what I’m talking about, is just get focused on the most important task, which is marketing. Now, how do you do this when you’re in a busy environment? Well the best way I know, is get the heck out of that environment. Get away from the shop, and get to a quiet place. If it’s a matter of staying home, if you can be left alone at home, then by all means stay at home. If not, go down to the public library, or find some place, a hotel lobby where you can be left alone to work on your marketing. If you’re trying to multitask while you’re doing your marketing, just like I’m trying to multitask and drink my coffee here doing this, you’re not going to do really well at any of that stuff. Marketing is extremely important.I hope I kind of drilled that idea into your head for today, so you do find the time to focus on marketing, and be 100% present with just marketing, and not doing everything else at the exact same time. You’ll get a lot more done, you’ll get a lot more cars coming to your shop, which is going to help you make a lot more money, okay? That’s going to do it for today.Before you discontinue reading, please, I’d love to hear your feedback. What do you think about car count daily? Do you like them, do you hate them, are there some suggestions you have for me other than not driving while I’m recording a video? Which okay I get, I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to say never, but I’m not going to do that a whole lot. Leave a comment below this video, shoot me an email, send me a carrier pigeon. However, just get the message to me. Let me know how you like these videos, and if there’s anything else you want me to touch on with these videos in the future.
  5. Car Count Daily | Episode 8 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION Today, I'm going to show you how to make at least $1,500 an hour. Would you like to know how to do that? It's not enough? How about $3,000 an hour? How about $5,000 an hour? Still not enough? Okay, how about I should you how to make $15,000 an hour? Would you like to know how to do that? I bet you would. Simply and easily make $1,500 an hour on up. It's totally up to you. Depends on what it is you're doing. What that is that you're doing is marketing. Of course. What else would I be talking about? I'm Captain Car Count after all. What I mean by that is you can make $15,000 an hour simply by spending two hours of your day just 100% focused on putting together a kick-butt offer and sending it to the right people using the right kind of media. In other words, do some really kick ass marketing today. If you just put your nose to the grindstone and worked on this, figured out what's going to really get people excited to come in and do business with you, how are you going to get that message to them, and what is that message going to say. If you would spend two hours putting that together, and then you sent it out and you brought in let's say $30,000 worth of business, which is not unheard of if you know what you're doing. If you know good marketing, you can bring in $30,000 from just one marketing campaign. If you spent just two hours working on that campaign, and it brought in $30,000, that means each one of those hours you spent marketing brought in $15,000. You might be saying "There's no way I'm going to do $30,000 off of one campaign." Let's cut it in half. Let's say you only made $15,000 off of that marketing campaign, and you worked two hours. That means you made $7,500 per hour. Or let's say the whole campaign only brought in $5,000. Okay. A very modest sum, but totally achievable and totally believable that you can make $5,000 by putting together a marketing campaign. If you spent two hours doing that, that means you made $2,500 an hour. See, all the work is done upfront when you're doing your marketing. It takes time to find a really good offer that's going to excite people and choose the list of people that you're going to send that offer to, so whoever see it so they can respond to it. That's where all the work is. It's all the way up front. Putting that together. But you know what? It only take a couple hours out of one day to put together a marketing campaign. And when you send it out, then the marketing starts working on its own and it starts bringing people to you. So if you only made $5,000 from that marketing campaign, yet only spent two hours, effectively, you've made $2,500 per hour doing the marketing. I hope you're getting a little excited about this because you sure as heck can't make $2,500 an hour turning wrenches. You're not going to make $2,500 an hour managing the store. You're not going to make $2,500 doing anything else in your store other than working on the marketing. That's how you make a lot of money because without the marketing, you don't have the customers. Without the customers, you don't have the business. So just find two hours today to start putting together a really good marketing campaign and get it out. Look, the worst that's going to happen, if you make $500 from that marketing campaign, and you took two hours to do it, that's still $250 an hour. There's still nothing else you could do in your shop that's going to make $250 per hour. I hope I've got your greed glands and your juices flowing over getting this marketing done because I love marketing, and I can show you a lot of ways to market, and that's what this Car County Daily video series is all about, is to give you a lot of ideas on marketing. All you need to do is take action on it so that you can start reaping the rewards of being an auto repair shop owner. Take this information, spend those two hours, and make thousands of dollars every single hour. -- Ron Ipach (a.k.a Captain Car Count) President/Founder of Repair Shop Coach More articles and content like this and originated through Ron Ipach's Car Count Daily campaign Auto Repair Shop Owners, Managers, and Automotive Industry Professionals are invited to join 'Car Count Daily Boosters' LinkedIn group to provide resources and gain insight on boosting car count DAILY and filling up the bays in their shops.

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