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  1. Thank you as well. Always good to see successful aimen.
  2. thanks for the advice. youre right, its a business. and I need to think like a business owner. I appreciate any help and advice I can get. As I stated earlier, I will inquire about a policy and see what it offers. What are the basic coverages I would need? I see theres Garage keepers policy, Garage liability, etc. Do I absolutley need them all?
  3. I've never said anyone is hating on me. Just mobile techs. and I would imagine its the shady mobile techs...atleast I would hope so. If youre lumping me into the shady ones automatically (which it would appear is what happened here) then my theory is correct that all mobile techs are hated on. -- "Am I mad that there is a mobile repair tech performing auto repairs at a residential home garage with no access to the service panel which is locked in the basement? Yes, that annoys me because the mobile tech will never have to deal with a fire inspector. That safety hazard goes unde
  4. The more I inquire it would appear that its more of a hate on mobile tech's issue. Some dont like them due to not having as much overhead. Some stereotype by assuming all are the same slimey, backyard, tricksters up to no good. Maybe this is why there is assumed to be no good or decent mobile mechanics. I can honestly see both points of view. When im researching competing local mobile techs on craigslist, facebook etc. I do a search in the florida business license webside and most of them (90%) are operating without a license...atleast not one under thier posted business name. Most of th
  5. Are these just a simple abide and comply within the standard for normal mechanic businesses? Why wouldnt this concept work with mobile? Any specific standard that would be broken if I were working in someones yard/driveway parking lot etc? other than the city ordanences that would state weather or not its specifically allowed. I wouldnt imagine it to be difficult to have a fire extinguisher, eye wash station, gloves/goggles and all appliccable ppe, etc. available on the site. Is there a major item im missing. Cant be too much different than working on an airplane on a ramp as far as spil
  6. these are all answers im trying to figure out. As I origionally stated, there are established brick and mortor shops everywhere, the information to become a successful traditional garage is there. Just not alot about having a successful legitemate mobile mechanic business.
  7. interesting. theres alot of good points in this topic. For me working for someone is out of the question, if im not working at an airline. Im just done with big planes. Obviously I will do whats required to pay the bills but the whole purpose for me opening my own business to do something new that I enjoy on my own terms. Maybe a mobile small/light private aircraft mechanic? Maybe for me it is better to find an actual garage to work out of, just seems like that business model has been figured out for the most part. I am not entirely closed off to the idea and I can see how as b
  8. that seems to be the constant. undercutting. Do I "Have" to undercut myself to stay competitive? Thats what I do not know. I would imagine that if I provided a decent service at a convienent time and place for the customer, they would be willing to pay atleast the same as a brick and mortar shop for the convience. Hopefully word of mouth gets out and more people trust me as a legit business vs a fly by night backyard mechanic working out of the back of a station wagon. The working environment is a concern of mine. I am currently in the USAF as an aircraft mechanic and have spent m
  9. WMW


  10. Are you currently a mobile mechanic? Does it help to market and advertize as a mobile mechanic? You say occasionally get a call for someone looking for a mobile mechanic. That says one of two things to me... either 1) You have a permanent shop and occasionally someone calls for a mobile mechanic or 2) Youre a mobile mechanic who occasionally gets calls. Uber is out of the question. So I guess I better get my butt in gear and figure this thing out. Is insurance really $600/mo? There has to be a way to be a successful mobile mechanic. Is there an easy way to start an actual shop?
  11. I know this is a resurection of an old thread but, I need input on this matter as well. While doing my own research on becoming a mobile mechanic it has become apparent that if a mobile business is started with the exptectation to maintain a high work load there is also a high probability for failure. All transparency... I plan on working mobile until I can get a shop, but also plan on keeping it small. Are there any words of wisdom? Is this a bad idea all together? Should I just start off with a shop? Any success stories?
  12. never need it as in never have customers return with warranty issues? is there a secret to this or is it a simple do it right the first time approach?
  13. Any update as to how its going? im currently in the works on opening my own shop and trying to learn as much as possible. any words of wisdom after about 2 years?

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