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  1. I know this is a resurection of an old thread but, I need input on this matter as well. While doing my own research on becoming a mobile mechanic it has become apparent that if a mobile business is started with the exptectation to maintain a high work load there is also a high probability for failure. All transparency... I plan on working mobile until I can get a shop, but also plan on keeping it small. Are there any words of wisdom? Is this a bad idea all together? Should I just start off with a shop? Any success stories?
  2. never need it as in never have customers return with warranty issues? is there a secret to this or is it a simple do it right the first time approach?
  3. Any update as to how its going? im currently in the works on opening my own shop and trying to learn as much as possible. any words of wisdom after about 2 years?

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