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  1. cdhowell


  2. Labor turned? Do you mean flagged hours? Trying to understand.
  3. Looking for an hourly plan with incentives for production. The problem is half the work we do has no flat rate hours. The Jeep is an example. Cut off at the firewall, tube chassis fabricated, 1 ton axle swap and coil over suspension. We may go from a Kia water pump to a custom bumper on a Raptor. Other than a feel for how long it should take It is near impossible to track productivity. Any Idea's folks?
  4. I have a very good relationship with the local Dealerships. And on the rare occasion that I need a specialty tool, I am able to borrow one. If I need it again I get my own. This may not motivate your tech but it is nice to know you can complete a job with out going in debt to do so. It seems a generic seal driver kit would be OK for your axle seal. And something your tech should own.
  5. ... for entry level tech's? Any one have a list they are willing to share?
  6. I wonder if this applies to off road. You know how many sidewalls I've had sectioned?
  7. OK, it seems most agree that diagnostics should be charged. I am curious as to how most of you are charging. Just by time or by test. In the past I have only charged by time up to 2 hrs. Unless it's intermittent or requires a lot of tear down to do the test. I have been thinking a lot about menu board pricing. $X Smoke test. $X Fuel pressure test. $x Coolant pressure test. The dreaded P0300 could get spendy for the customer. Thoughts
  8. Scoped the cam and crank sensors. Both had acceptable wave forms but not clean wave forms. Changed out both sensors and the problem is solved.
  9. Had to put this on the back burner. Zeroed out cam retard and no change, still no codes
  10. -2* but I believe that's in spec. I will 0 it out and report back. Have to spray a bedliner first.
  11. 2000 Chevy Blazer 4.3 V6 auto 2WD 174000 miles. Runs strong till 4000 rpm then starts bucking. If I stay in it, it will eventually pull thru and easily climb to 5500 rpm. This is in every gear. No codes at all. No misfires counted in live data. Nothing that looks out of the ordinary in live data. Fuel pressure looks good but can not see or record it while driving. If it was fuel related I do not think it would continue to climb. Same with a plugged cat. Any thoughts? I'm running out of ideas.
  12. How many smaller shops are Chamber members? Do you feel its worth the investment? Not much on this topic here.
  13. For me it's easy. I am a Truck and Off-road accessory shop. Spray in liners, lift kits, Custom built bumpers, 5th wheel hitches, Tonneau covers, side bars, etc............We just happen to do repair work as well. While installing your lift kit we notice a coolant leak, would you like for us to take care of that?
  14. Every shop has that one thing to make their business stand out from the competition. Awesome cookie's in the waiting room? Free loaner car? Delorean specialist? Dyno tuner? So what's your one thing?

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