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  1. Andy Price

    Employee agreements

    I am just a small shop me and another guy that is just beginning. I pay him a base pay of 12 an hour and give him 6 dollars for every flat rate hour he turns. By doing this if we are ever slow he has a base pay and also initiative to stay busy on other things such as building maintainence etc. He seems to really like it and it works good for me.
  2. Andy Price

    Employee agreements

    I am trying a new approach by paying an hourly rate and then so much per flat rate hour on top of that.
  3. Andy Price

    Hello from sunny Southern California!

    One thing you have that i didnt is this forum i was flying blind. Their is a great group of people here with a lot of knowledge and from what i see they are all here to help. Best of luck to you.
  4. Andy Price


    Thanks guys. I just got lucky in finding this guy. I had overheard his mom talking about him being in a technician competition in high school sponsored by Ford and AAA. He then went national competition and finished 14. I called him up and asked of he needed a job he said sure. Two days after he started my other tech put his two weeks on to have his own lawn service. So for the past 2 years it has just been me and this guy while he was going to school he is now graduated from UNOH in Lima and working for me full time. I truly believe the good Lord was looking out for me by placing this kid in my life at the right time.
  5. Andy Price


    I am lucky I have a 20 year old kid working for me now that has the maturity of someone twice his age. My only problem is figuring out how to keep him happy. He has a lot of learning to do but I know in the end it will be worth it. Trying to figure out hos pay has been tough he has some friends that have landed good paying jobs and I can't pay him those type wages yet. I did just give him an opportunity to make more by paying him 6 dollars a flat rate hour on top of his hourly pay.
  6. Hopefully I didn't make a mistake I had Mitchell prodemand and manager and it was costing me 260 a month I switch to the napa tracs management with prodemand for 169 a month to save money. I am a small shop and mostly deal with napa on parts since they are a block away and the other stores are 20 minutes away.
  7. Andy Price

    Hello from Indiana

    Thanks everyone hope your having good a good week.
  8. Andy Price

    Hello from Indiana

    I am about 20 minutes south of Fort Wayne. Just signed up to be a Napa Auto Care.
  9. Andy Price

    Hello from Indiana

    Hello everyone. I signed up several weeks back and have been reading all the advice in the forums and have learned a lot. I have a small 3 bay shop that I run and wrench along with 1 other tech. You all seem t like a good group of people I'm sure I will have many questions as I move forward in making my business sucessful.