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  1. Custom Coach

    Custom Coach

  2. yes there are people who are not my customers either. BUT people walk into my shop everyday some turn out to be customers and some you just can not get through to no matter what analogy you use. I do however try to inform people about their vehicle and their troubles so they don't get the idea all mechanics are crooks and just out to take advantage of them like some of these commercials try to lead people to believe. I still believe their should be a one size fits all initial scan charge because dealers around here charge $100.00 and up to do an initial scan and a lot of pe
  3. This is a touchy subject. Most people believe that the GODS of the automotive stores have all the answers in THEIR scans and trying to convince most customers its a generic scanner and their could be more to it than what their scan shows This sometimes is like pulling teeth for the fact that they saw it on TV so it has to be true. I had a gentleman a couple years back brought me his car and over $500.00 in parts that the local AutoZone sold him because that's what was affiliated with his codes. I told him lets hook up mine and see what it really said. turned out his wh
  4. we had one that the day the customer picked up the car he cried on social media about his so called mediocre paint job and how anyone with brains would never have work done here I simply replied with the truth ( " If you were not happy with your cars paint job then you should have brought your concerns to our attention when you were picking the car up then we could have addressed your concerns at that time ") I now have a woman who is suppose to bring her car back for a check engine light concern to see if its from work recently done by me but she has canceled or no showed twi
  5. We note the damages to every part of the car and these are backed up by date and time stamped photos once the pictures come up on the screen for them to see with the car sitting right where they parked it initially and the photos are time and day stamped there's never been a problem I don't think most of these people expect you to have pictures of their car before service
  6. I have run across the massive colony of little black ants millions I believe turned the red carpet black in one large area. I also run across a compulsive buyer she once that left meat in her van right front floor stacked up to the seat all these bags were moving and the smell OMG I refused to even touch the van let alone get within 20 ft. of it after initial contact of opening the door on a hot day. But by far the most heart stopping thing was opening a car hood to find a LIVE 😲 opossum under there right beside the hood release handle how I missed getting bit is beyond me getti
  7. The cars I really cannot stand to work on are people who work at a local donut shop these people work near the fryers and the smell and the cleanliness conditions in the car has turned me off locally made donuts completely
  8. Not only do you have to worry about what's in someone's messy car that might poke or bite.(or just plain gross you out) But now there is the spreading epidemic of fentanil and CARFENTANIL to worry about. Just a little contact with this white powder that looks like baby powder can land you in either the hospital or the morgue if not caught in time. I have gone out and bought some cheap bed spreads to put in questionable cars that after use go into a bag to be washed on sterilize cycle and I am thinking of getting full body disposable painters suits to wear with the rubber gloves
  9. Joe I see your points and 99.9 percent is on the money. I have been commented to that I bring negativity with me when I post. NO its not negativity that you are reading its a very small shop owner speaking his mind over current concerns with multi million dollar marketing geared to crush the little guy just like Wal-Mart has done to mom and pop stores that were doing just fine or even great till they came to the local area. Most of the smaller places lost out and had to close because they could not compete with radically low prices and massive quantities on hand. My to
  10. That's just the thing there are more and more customers who think they can do it themselves because of places like AutoZone, AAP , Oreilly, ECT ECT and lets not forget the YouTube pros that make everything look so easy (if it only was that easy). So just saying move along and serve the next customer wont fly unless you have a never ending supply of new customers daily. Not to get off subject a little but I read on another thread where a man was told if he had a part for $ 100.00 his cost to tell the customer it was $ 200.00 and so on marking up the parts 100% how is this possible whe
  11. what gets me is it does not matter where you buy your parts from if the consumer/customer can buy from the same place nine times out of ten they can buy the part for the same price or a few dollars more. so where is the real savings to the shop buying from these suppliers ? oh if I buy 2,000.00 or more a week from AAP I get an extra percentage off but I have to maintain that 2,000.00 or more a week to get it . so I guess what we are suppose to do is sell the part at cost and jack up labor? I do not go for the cheap parts they never last I prefer to spend a little more and g
  12. Our shop is a very small one body and paint man (my brother) and one mechanic (me). I charge for the initial scan and I do my best to get across to the customer just what it is that my equipment does that the cheap scanners at AutoZone, advance auto and Oreilly auto don't look for or cannot see as a generic scanner. I had one customer who stopped in and had several hundred dollars worth of parts with them from the free read auto parts store. They wanted me to change everything they had bought, I could have been greedy and taken their money but instead I said let me scan it and s
  13. Just the best Very well said. The ONLY reason we ever got hooked into the chamber was the top woman there was a very good customer. She promised great insurance rates through their membership and small business loans etc. etc. After four meetings I realized it was all BS and it was more or less an excuse to start drinking at breakfast (don't condemn those that do) but don't like being the odd man out either! I do know its very hard to get any kind of help when you really are a small business (under 10 total employees including the boss) most consider a small business t
  14. The ones I don't like are the customers who come back a year or more later complaining about a problem. They claim they have hardly driven the car since it left my shop but you pull their file and really there is almost 5 to 10 thousand miles more than what I wrote the day the car arrived how do you explain this ? I don't know but its still all your fault that it broke even though that's not what you fixed when it was here. These are my (EVER SINCE) people, enough to drive you to drink sometimes 😲

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