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  1. THIS would be such a cool thing to have for ALL OF US! I would LOVE to post my Labor Rate and be able to see those all over the country but PREMIUM or PLATINUM only leads me to believe that this site is more interested in my money than raising the boats (a rising tide lifts all boats!). Sorry, guess I am done here...
  2. We have been seeing pretty good results with a generous dose of Permatex Ceramic Brake Lube. We are in Michigan. Here's a link. NAPA, O'reilly, seems like everyone has it - but prices are all over! https://www.permatex.com/products/lubricants/specialty-lubricants-brakes/permatex-ceramic-extreme-brake-parts-lubricant-2/
  3. YEP. I've always attributed it to the COLD weather around here (MI) and Holiday Bills. Thank God tax refunds start coming in early March! Always seems like a good time for employees who can to use some vacation time and go somewhere warm!
  4. stvstbsvc


  5. For the umpteenth year in a row I will be delivering about 15 dozen donuts from a really good local bakery to parts stores and machine shops and other vendors my shop uses this Wednesday. YES, I have been told that this is backwards - they should be bringing US treats. But rather like the Original Post, I have learned that this comes back to help my business through much of next year! AMAZING how much fun it is to go out and deliver these boxes and bags of donuts with a card and a bow on them and get to talk to other business owners / managers about the holidays, the weather, families and m
  6. We had "issues" with Interstate about 5 years ago and said Goodby. After handling Interstate for 10 years they switched servicing centers on us about the same time they went into Costco stores. I felt that "cheapened" the product in my customer's minds. And funny, about that same time the service went to pot and we started noticing quite a few more warranties. We are a NAPA AutoCare and an AC Delco TSC so it was in my best interest to put in a rack of batteries (also on consignment) from both vendors. Still very happy with both brands after 5 years - good product, good warranties (not tha
  7. Congratulations, Mark. I dare say you have earned it. I might have to drive down and buy lunch and talk someday...
  8. SORRY - I stand corrected. Checked my invoicing software this morning and the formula is 9% of the LABOR up to $41.10 and includes tire repairs and oil changes. It is automatic on every estimate. I don't worry about quality or quantity of Shop Supplies anymore. I had enough of THOSE BOSSES when I was a Tech. 😀
  9. If I remember correctly - we are at 6% of Labor with a cap of $38.93. It is a money maker for us as we charge it on EVERY JOB and still charge for brakleen, battery terminal lugs, throttle body cleaner and ALL FLUIDS. I suggest you grab a couple of of typical invoices and play with formulas to suit your business and your profit goals.
  10. HAHAHA! That's only funny if you knew how many weeks of Time shares I own (Platinum!). You are correct - ATI does have a hard time with NO for an answer... Maybe I better skip their next visit to a venue near me!
  11. Think of a FUTURE with Autonomous cars and Dorman Proximity Sensors! 🙂 We are a NAPA Autocare and an AC /Delco PSC. As much OE ignition and sensors / electronics as possible. Minimal Dorman / NAPA "OE". NAPA Adaptive One pads or we seem to have noise issues. As for Wagner pads - we call them Thermo-Squealers! I agree - parts are becoming a BIG ISSUE for any mechanical shop in 2018!
  12. I LOVE watching other shop owners when I am at a weekday class of any sort. Most of them can't wait for a break so they can check-in. Sorry, but that just PROVES how much they need that class. I have a crew that I TRUST! I very seldom check-in with my crew. If you do not trust your crew - hey, who hired them? Train them, ENABLE them, and enjoy your life! But lock my Cell in my room safe? WOW! I'm not sure I'm THAT brave! 🙂
  13. IF you can say NO, and IF you have the time to spare, and IF you want to maybe pick-up a trick or two, and IF you are willing to network with a few other Shop Owners (I think that describes my last ATI experience!) - this can be a good experience. There is a class close to me soon and YES, as mentioned, I got a phone call and an e-mail, but I don't have a free day so I blew it off. I have learned a few ticks - and I was told five years ago that I wouldn't last 6 months if I didn't sign up. I'm still here...
  14. Funny question, that. I find it amazing that I have had an issue my whole life losing / misplacing my own keys but now that I own a shop - I am responsible for all those keys! Tags go on Immediately. There is a nice big key rack with enough spaces for car awaiting service, cars awaiting parts, and cars on stand-by. Keys for completed cars live in a bin with the invoice awaiting pick-up and payment. Keys for cars in the building live in the ignition, with a window open. I think the most important thing is to have an organization plan, a system in place and have EVERYONE buy in and keep it
  15. YEP! I would definitely get my insurance company involved - takes YOU out of the middle of it and puts it in the hands of an independent 3rd party. It is also easier for them to look at a car 3 hours away and help you figure out your options. Good luck - I've only had this happen once but I didn't loose the customer (at first)... 🙂

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