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  2. No Rick, you did not lose a customer (unless you are a tire store only). You lost a money losing job to a big box, but that big box cannot do the other jobs you can. Concentrate on filling your bays with what you can make money on, not with what you wish you could make money on. Sounds oversimplified, I know, but I have many regulars who buy tires at the big places and do the rest of their service with us and I am fine with that. When I do sell tires they are at a profit because I am the convenient shop for tires, not the cheap one.
  3. I took a different approach. I RAISED the price of my tires. My service advisors quote the price and let the customer know we will be more expensive than Tirerack etc but that we can have them on the car and ready to go at the time we promised all the other work to be done. We promote the convenience of it. Our tire volume is down and overall profit on tires is up. Headaches on tires are now nearly nonexistent. It was a risky move but has worked out for us well.
  4. I am writing this to you based on the thread title. Step back and take a deep breath, it is not uncommon to become overwhelmed. Remember that your family is more important than anything and that is where you will find your strength. If you are struggling in your work there is no shame in that, we can all relate. The ironic thing is that when this passes and you look back on your struggles you will realize it was not the end of the world. Get yourself in the right frame of mind (with your family ‘s help) and don’t make ANY decisions of any kind until you are feeling better. Be strong and hang in there, look to the people who care about you to help you through this.
  5. I am looking forward to that day in our business. No matter how successful, we can all use another 1-2% to our bottom line (depending on how many customers pay by card).
  6. The day is coming soon when vendors will be passing on the fees to the consumer, this is one of those processors who is trying to be on the ground floor of that. It's already done in Europe and will be here within a decade. The problem is, who wants to be the first companies to do that? I have a big shop and we pay over $50,000 a year in CC fees. I will be glad when that happens and I no longer pay for my customer's points and airfare!
  7. I use Kukui for CRM only as we have a very, very good website created independently from them. They have a "Please Leave A Review" email that gets sent out a couple of days after customers pick up their vehicle. When we started with them in April of 2017 (10 months ago) we had 44 reviews with a 4.4 rating. Now we have 115 reviews with a 4.8 rating. Oftentimes the comments we get when new prospective customers call or request a quote online is "I see how good your reviews are so I wanted to contact you..." Depending on your location, if you don't have strong reviews or great online presence you will be left behind by the other shops that do. Just my 2 cents.
  8. My guess Is that if most of us did a spreadsheet with our monthly labor sales as a starting point and subtracted ALL of our costs, at best we would be at break even and in most cases we would be in the negative. I explain this to customers to point out that the parts markup is our profit if you look at the numbers this way and when you want to bring in a part for us to install we lose money. When they tell me the part can be bought cheaper online I fully acknowledge that fact but tell them that buying parts online is for do-It-Yourselfers. If explained in a friendly but confident tone I have found that most people will understand.

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