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  1. insomniac


  2. Iv noticed over the years there are times when business/car count drops off by a huge amount all at once. Last year it was brutal in January and got worse in February. It got busier the 2nd week of March and was pretty steady the rest of the year with my best month ever in November then even topped that in December. But this year its back to the same. January came leads completely dropped out, February came and it got worse, just like last year. Now I know its just a waiting game and business will pick back up. Its not just me every shop in the area is completely empty. --- What triggers these
  3. Rather than cater to the bottom feeders isnt it just better practice to sell a higher quality tire like a cooper or a name brand and just train our managers to be better sales people? I mean when you price out a water pump, starter, or alternator are you routinely looking for the cheapest lowest quality part? I try to not compete with the low end hack shops of the town.... and unfortunatly there is too many of them but they can fight over the bottom feeders.. .just my 2 cents
  4. are the mastercrafts much cheaper than Starfire?
  5. what kind of mark up are you guys putting on a tire?
  6. Was wondering if it is worth to stock tires? Seems like with all the sizes would be a tremendous outlay of money but sometimes the big box stores like Pep Boys, Mavis, STS etc.. are hard to compete with because they stock the tires and sometimes it could take me hours to get the tires from the supplier. Thoughts?
  7. Thats a great way to look at it but how do you track that?
  8. Was wondering if anyone tracks how much it cost per lead. I started to track this myself and I have found over the last 8 weeks I have had exactly 200 leads and have spent $6480 to acquire those leads thus costing me $32.40 per lead. I was wondering if anyone else has tracked there cost per lead and see how it stacks up to my $32.40. I question whether my advertising is effective based on my numbers. Thanks
  9. here is another situation im in at my other shop: (and i swear this isnt the norm..lol) Customer comes in for a oil change and tire rotation in september then in november the guys studs break and wheel falls off.... guys is blaming it on us... is that possible 2 months later? He claims the wheels were over torqued... but 2 months really? Guy goes to the BBB demanding 1100 dollars for 4 new rims because his aftermarket wheel is no longer available.... bad week
  10. i hear a lot about "firing the customer" - what exactly does that mean other then just declining to work on their car? so your saying in my situation you would just tell the customer to take a hike basically?
  11. So right now im my shop I am dealing with a customer who is claiming we scratched there car in like 5 different places. Unfortunately we have been slacking on the pre existing damage report. Because really my multi point inspection form does not have a good one. Its just a 3 inch by 1 1/2 picture of a car and we are to circle the damaged areas. Now in this case here on out final road test a rock from a truck hit the windshield and put a nice chip in it. I called teh customer and explained what happened and told her I would replace the windshield for her which I did. Now half hour after she pic
  12. yeah has to be the right type of snow tho... if it starts over night and drops a foot then everyone is snowed in and no one is driving in it. It needs to start at like 10am so everyone has to drive home from work in it... Then they blow them up, especially those Hondas and Acuras... Honda's false great reputation is the best thing to happen to the trans business. A lot of time my shop looks like a Honda dealer
  13. although somewhat off topic, I dont work on any european cars outside of transmission replacements. They just arent worth the headache. Even the simpler seeming problems turn into a pain in the butt most of the time. And on top of it most of the european cars i see are one that were never maintained, they come in and have 15 codes in the system, and the customer wants to fix it as cheap as possible. I usually have the type of customers that buy the high end cars because they just want the emblem.... Champagne taste with beer pockets... I dont want to deal with them types...
  14. these next 2 weeks are always terrible... But January and February are usually my best months. Having transmissions as the core of my business I guess maybe its the cold breaking them...
  15. lets say you buy 4 tires that cost you 75 each. what does you invoice look like? (roughly) Mine would show something like: (obviously it isnt going to be as neat as my invoice in a forum) 4 New Tires (Brand) (Size) 105 each = 420 4 Mount and Balance 14.95 = 59.80 subtotal 479.80 Supply & Disposal Fees 16.79 Sales Tax 34.76 ------------------------------------------------ Total 531.38 is that about right?

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