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Holiday/vacation pay for flat rate employees


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Yes. The goal and gift of vacation or holiday pay is that the employee does not need to worry about their finances while they are gone. I feel if you pay less than what they are used to they will worry about money or have to save enough for their vacation plus time missed at work. Many flat rate shops do not pat this way but instead just give a flat 20 or 30 hours which to me is crummy. That being said you do not "owe" anyone anything as far as what you pay for that time off but the way I see it is if you are going to do it, do it right.

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Guest Valliam13

Not to bring up old posts but.... my husband is a tech. We took vacation earlier this year and it was less than his flat rate per hour pay. They said it had something to do with averages from last year but 1. every week of last year he brought in over 40 hours a week and 2. He was being paid less last year (he got a raise earlier this year of $0.50). I guess I still don't understand how they can pay under his flat hour rate for vacation. Nor can I figure out how they averaged it out.

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