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  1. Pjauto


  2. Sorry, I have been very busy and have not checked this in a bit. Please download an app called Voxer and message me your username and I will add you. Make it a private message because I get those emailed to my phone and I will see it.
  3. Mspecperformance and I are in a Focus 2 group. Which means we just talk all the time and share ideas and numbers. 18 more of you are welcome to join our Voxer channel and BAM we have our own (albeit inexperienced) focus 20 group. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. You may have made the same mistake I did. I am paying my flat rate tech too much on the hour and that is was is slowing his production. It seems nice to pay them well but if they are comfortable with say $1,000 a week in pay, they will work really hard for that 1k at $20 am hour or not very hard at all for $30 an hour. You would think that everyone is as money motivated as you are but I've come to find out that is just not true. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. www.integrityonwaters.com It is a Kukui site and I like it. I can't really say I am proud of it because I did not create it. Our old one I did create and I was proud of but this new one is bored and polished for optimum traffic flow.
  6. I found this gen floating around facebook. They said their boss has it hanging in the lobby for customers to see. It gave me a laugh so I thought I'd share.
  7. You guys are blowing my mind a bit. I have a six bay shop with 2-3 techs, 140 cars a month with around a $225 ARO. I thought I was doing pretty decent. But by the numbers you guys are throwing around I feel like a peasant! I am currently with Elite and have learned and grown a good bit over the nine months I've been with them. Is RLO comparable to Elite or is it primarily for service writer training? Elite is more business coaching centered.
  8. I wish I could say I saw this before I attempted to order something from them. Stay away like they are the plague. http://www.bbb.org/north-east-florida/Business-Reviews/transmissions-automobile/gottransmissions-com-in-jacksonville-fl-235966323
  9. I've been looking for the last 2 months for a solid tech. I just signed on here to see if you guys had any magic bullets to help find one. I see that it is not just me that is having this issue.
  10. It is never a good idea to throw parts at a car. Step one should be to properly diagnose why it is running rough. Ignition, fuel, exhaust, compression issue? It is difficult to advise you on how to proceed without a proper diagnosis.
  11. Well... I bit the bullet and started the coaching through Elite. I will keep you guys posted as things progress. It is embarrassing to say but important as a baseline to note I am currently doing just under 30k a month in total sales out of a six bay shop. (Mind you I just opened last August.) Hopefully with their help and a ton of hard work we can triple those numbers by the end of the year.
  12. It was only a matter of time I guess until I got my first bounced check from a customer. It was his first and only time here and of course he is not answering the phone or returning my calls. Is there any course of action I can take from here? It was for $210. It could have been much worse but still that is my money and I want it back!
  13. Please keep updating us. I'm very tempted to use this company. They seem legit.
  14. I had a long phone conversation with Elite yesterday and we have a follow up call next week. They seem like a really great group and I hope they can help me out. I'm just kind of scared to hear how much it is going to cost. I am sure the value is high but there ain't much blood left in this turnip. I will try to keep you guys posted with my experience. Anyone else besides Joe have any experience with Elite?

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