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  2. I have looked at AutoVitals and Bolt On and am leaning towards Bolt On due how much it integrates into our ASA TireMaster system. With AutoVitals, there was no two-way communication between that and TireMaster. I wasn't keen on the separate monitor running the dashboard, but also couldn't see toggling between windows at the counter on one monitor. Bolt On is pricier, but they seem to be a quickly growing company with lots of positive feedback/reviews. The guys doing the demo had deep knowledge of the product and did an interactive demonstration with me, whereas AutoVitals was just a smoke and mirrors sort of presentation. I, too, am curious to hear everyone else's thoughts on this topic. Are there other decent options out there I haven't seen yet??? Are Bolt On and AutoVitals the only games in town?
  3. Thanks for your reply, and definitely need to consider your comments. I'm ultimately looking for a motivating pay structure, where the employees are involved in tracking their performance and are aware as the week unfolds how they are tracking. I'm not sure if our structure is too confusing, maybe... I don't feel the employees have a sense of where they are at, as I see them missing bonuses sometimes by a half hour give or take. I will contact you for more info - thank you!
  4. I'm curious to hear about pay structures out there that are successful. We pay all of our techs hourly, regardless of what is billed, and then offer a bonus program based on productivity each week. Ie, they bill 60% of the time they were paid for, they get $xx additional dollars per hour, bill 70%, get $x, bill 80%, get $x etc etc. Anyone have any pay structures that are working well for them that they would want to share? I've debated flat rate, but not sure how other non-billable tasks would get handled - ie unloading tire deliveries, cleaning up the shop, shuttling customers, etc. Our current structure seems difficult for the techs to track, so I'm hoping to simplify as well as motivate them.

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