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  1. We are trying to come up with a bonus program to include our estimators, office staff and parts employees. I think it would have to be structured differently for each but I am not sure what to base the bonuses on. Any ideas?
  2. Our estimators are paid an hourly wage plus a bonus every month. We would like to come up with a way to pay hourly plus commission based on jobs captured instead. Any advise?
  3. How do you spit time when one of your flat rate team members is off for part or all of a day?
  4. We are thinking about switching from Summit Software Solutions to CCC 1 management systems. Can anyone give me feedback on the CCC 1?
  5. Thank you Pjauto. That is very helpful. I am so glad I found this site!
  6. Just so I'm clear, Say Tim's gross is 5000.00 for 4 weeks. I then divide the $5000.00 by 4(weeks) and then by 40(hours) to get their holiday pay rate of $31.25/hour?
  7. We recently switched from hourly to flat rate for our techs. I am having a hard time figuring out what to pay an employee if they have taken vacation times. What rate do I pay them at?

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