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On 9/3/2018 at 7:29 AM, Pete K said:

Please check out our website:


Would love to hear some feedback, especially around SEO.

@Pete K around SEO, you should think about running SSL/HTTPS and definitely optimizing for mobile, having your site designed to be responsive. Looks like its built with Google sites, which should have some options there if you are doing it yourself. As far as on page SEO...run your url through an online testing site like: https://www.seotesteronline.com/ then make some edits. 


9 hours ago, autobodyguys said:

We updated our website based on ASO Staff Members suggestions. Let us know what you think :)


folsom orangevale auto body shop



@autobodyguys looks good but I would think about moving over to https/ssl, otherwise your visitors will get a message in their browser telling them it's not secure like:



8 hours ago, wilfredo celedon said:


@wilfredo celedon looks good but same thing:


One thing I noticed when your site resizes for mobile, I would make the phone number clickable to bring up the mobile phone's dialer and the phone icon in the footer, rather than link to the contact page, have that link to the phone dialer as well.  The link should be changed to something like:

<a href="tel:559-495-0319">559-495-0319</a>


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Hi autobodyguys! I took a look at your site on my phone - 


Yes, images are important, but what about a number for a tow truck? You may want to consider making that image a little smaller (in height) so more "buttons" appear. The buttons also seem a little large. 

It's important to remember what people are looking for when they visit. In other words, look at it from the point of the customer. People want to see your number and location (yes, you've got that) but would people need a tow truck? Just asking. A clickable link to call a tow may help. Also, a quick link to your reviews. Remember, you've got to "sell" your company right off the rip!

Hope that helps!

Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"
Join me at Car Count Hackers on YouTube


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Hi Pete K! About your site at http://www.prospeedautoworks.com/. I always start with a screen shot off my phone...



I have to tell you that it's not very good. You can't read it on your phone because it's not mobile optimized. That's the BIGGEST ISSUE. Remember, Google claims that 84% of your customers are going to find you on MOBILE FIRST! This could also be a HUGE SEO Issue.

When Google "went mobile" and put all the focus on that, they didn't stop including your site in search... but it's probably been pushed way down (like page 10!!) because of this issue. Remember, Google is about THEIR USER EXPERIENCE. Sending a mobile user to your site wouldn't be very good - so they don't do that. 

That's probably a huge part of your SEO issues. 

Also, nowhere in your title do you include a GEO LOCATION. When I checked, your title was:
PRO-SPEED - Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Resto-mods, Customs, Performance

First problem, nobody searches by your COMPANY NAME. They don't know you yet. 
Secondly, (like I said) no GEO location. Consider something like...

Hot Rods, Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Resto-mods, Customs, Performance Chantilly, Virginia, 20151

Then be sure to add SCHEMA DATA. In short, Schema is a language that all search (Google, Bing, Yahoo) agreed upon to help search bots understand WHAT YOUR SITE is all about. You can read all about Schema here (https://schema.org/), but in short, it's giving the search engines a clearer understanding of what your site is all about. 

Above that, there's a bunch of little things like using <h1>, <h2> tags, alt tags and even your meta description. Your current meta description is:

PRO-SPEED Autoworks, LLC performs auto and truck restoration, custom modifications, performance upgrades, rust repair, metal repair, fabrication, paint and body work, performance tuning, engine upgrades, suspension upgrades. We secialize in hot rods, classic cars and resto-mods.  PRO-SPEED AutoWorks is located in Chantilly, VA - US

Says a lot- and probably too much.

I also noticed that when I search your company, Google serves up your video (slide show) first. But there's now sound. Even a simple "voice over" with a little royalty free music would be better. I know video can be a little overwhelming - but you've already got what it takes to do it! YOUR PHONE! I made a short video about using customer reviews on your facebook page - talking about shooting video - but it applies to ANY VIDEO that you can do with a phone. 

On top of that, you have a huge opportunity to add short videos to your YouTube channel as a way to attract more customers. Simple before and after video would be a great place to start. Just explain the problem and show the solution. 

I know this is getting a little long... but I hope it helps!

If you need any other tips or help, just let me know. You can message me on this forum!


Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"
Join the conversation on YouTube at Car Count Hackers

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On 10/25/2018 at 1:07 PM, HemiHondo said:

@HemiHondo  did you make this yourself with Godaddy website builder? I like the colors, but the site itself itself is very basic. There are a bunch of things going on if you intend to rank better in search engines, that you would need to do. If you only want an informational page or two, it's good enough.

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I am a shop owner and would love opinions from other shop owners.  I have a different request. I would like the opinions of the wives, and girlfriends as to what they want to see on a website. My site is not finished on purpose. I have the ranking where I need it for now. If you Google it use this keyword: auto repair louisville ky 

The type of feedback:

When I go to an automotive website I would like to see "W"

I would like it to tell me "X"

I would like to know "Y"

I would like to do "Z"

Please define your answers as this is to help all shop owners. If you give an answer let us know where it came from man or woman, owner or specter. 

Expert Auto Mechanics & Truck Repair Inc Logo.png

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Hey Mastermechanic! Had a look at your site! Nice work! Here's the way I see it (now understand that I work with clients and develop/build/host their websites) and I am not trying to be mean or blunt- just want to give you the information you (and others here) can follow.

I've tried, tested and configured 100's of sites... so take this for what it's worth. 

1) First of all, the site isn't "easy" to navigate on mobile. I start there because Google says 82% of your customers are going to find you on mobile first. 

2) Phone numbers are not "click to call" In other words, I have to find a scrap of paper, pen, and scribble your number down to call you - as opposed to just tapping and getting connected. So ALL phone links have to be click to call.

3)I understand and appreciate you're focus in your question is about female car owners. Good. I get it. But when it's web stuff... it's really not male/female, it's more what are people looking for. From my experience with building/monitoring 100's of sites, when they get to your site they want:

a) Phone (clickable)
b) Hours
c) Map (should be interactive) - Yours appear to be - but if you go to Google Maps and actually google your full name (I did Expert Auto Mechanics & Truck Repair,1728 E Rockford Ln.,Louisville, KY 40216) the map that came up included the red pin - AND YOUR COMPANY NAME TOO! Looks a lot better on your site
d) Reviews (on your site)
e) Coupons/Offers - don't have to be discounts - but something as a "package" or "special" that entices people to visit.

Advanced: Schema data - not sure what you're using to build the site... but if it's Wordpress (doesn't look like it but...) there are great plugins for complete schema data - also helps in search.

Other tips: 
1) I am super happy to see your pictures. Soooo many shop owners want to hide behind their website - and then wonder why people don't call. People do business with PEOPLE... not businesses. 

With that said, do this with ALL PICTURES:
a) optimize them for search. As an example, a picture of your shop isn't "shop.jpg", it should be "auto_repair_shop_Louisville_ky.jpg" or "check-engine-light-specialist-louisville-ky.jpg", or some variation of that

b) whenever you use a picture, add a caption. That is, don't let the visitor guess at who it is or what you're doing. The picture on the home page should have a caption like: YOUR NAME, Repair shop owner, ASE Certified Check Engine Light Specialist does diagnostic work to TYPE OF CAR... or something like that

2) VIDEO: 5 Stars for that!! PERFECT!!

Add more pictures... sheesh... you got a phone, don't you?? (Sorry... just beating you up a little) but really, pictures have NEVER EVER been so easy... and that's the best way to show off your shop. 

Last... (Sorry for this long post) but when it comes to female clients, if there was any "hint" of hesitation, I would tell them "We've got a spotless waiting room stocked with the latest reading material, TV, Wifi, (etc.) and if you get a single spot of grease on your shoes or outfit, I won't clean it - I'll replace it!"

Worked every time!

Hope this help!

"The Car Count Fixer"

Join the conversation on YouTube at CarCountHackers!

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I had a chance to look at your site and here's what I found. 

First of all, I did see it on my desktop, but I checked it on my phone. 

Why phone? Because Google says 82% of searches start on a mobile device. So it's fair to say that most are going to find you first on their phone, right?

So where I did that, here's what I found:


Your phone is NOT a clickable link. In other words, I have to search for a pen or pencil, something to write on and then scribble down your number BEFORE I can call you. 
Your Phone number MUST be click to call, period. 

Above that, I didn't find a map, hours, reviews, or coupons. 

Think about this. Why would anyone search "auto repair louisville ky"? I don't think it's because they want to know how you're doing, do you? I think it's because they have a problem and the best part of that is that they have a problem and they DON'T KNOW WHERE TO TAKE THEIR CAR. Agreed? 

So don't make them think. That is rule #1.

So I tool a little time and checked... the menu pops up. Here's what it looks like:


So the entire menu doesn't show up in one screen shot, but when I checked, I didn't find any of those other things. 

So besides making your phone a clickable link, you should add what everyone wants to see:
hours, map, reviews, coupons to name a few.

Above that, I'll share this with you. It's virtually impossible to optimize one web page for more than 2-3 terms. And they should be related terms like check engine light, check engine light codes, check engine light diagnosis. 

With that said, if you want to win, you have to make SPECIFIC LANDING PAGES for each service. Now I haven't done any research on your market, but you must do that so you know what people are searching for. The best part about that is the tools you need to do that are FREE. (Good price, huh?) I don't want to take up a lot of time here, but I detail it all in this video on CarCountHackers at YouTube.

Above that, there's page title tags and meta descriptions that should be corrected. Pictures are not properly optimized for search either. I explain that in the video above too!

Ooops! Wanted to check something out and when I click your services, there's no content. Page titles need some fixing there too. 

Also, no schema data. That's what search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing) use to understand who you are and where you are. 

If you want to come up for "NEAR ME" searched, it's critical. 


Anyway, hope this helps. I am not trying to dump on you - but check the video out to figure out how to get found.

"The Car Count Fixer"

P.S.: Subscribe to Car Count Hackers on YouTube - Follow CarCountHackers on Facebook!

P.P.S.: Double Your Car Count in 89 Days - FREE Course

P.P.P.S.: Want to fix your car count fast? Just answer These Thee Questions




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On 4/20/2019 at 10:33 AM, Automotive Webmaster said:


Looks good and even though your wordpress theme is using Yoast SEO plugin, you have an opportunity to edit your page title tags to be more descriptive like:

</script><title>Home - Walt&#039;s Garage</title>

and think about adding on all pages a description tag :

<meta name="description" content="A page's description, 
  usually one or two sentences."/>

For the wordpress plugin you are using, here is a guide: https://yoast.com/meta-descriptions/ but keep in mind you can now go up to around 290 characters instead of the 155 listed.

Thank you very much! I'll definitely look into that, excellent tips. I do appreciate your advice.

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