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  1. We charge for Diagnostics,period.If questioned we state;"If you tell us which parts you want replaced,we can make you an Estimate,otherwise we must charge you for our time in locating your vehicles troubles"
  2. HemiHondo


  3. Because no parts are sold during fault tracing,profit suffers.We have 2 labor rates;1 Diagnostic labor rate-2 Standard labor rate.....Our diag rate is 30% more than the standard rate.In most cases,we begin with quoting for 1 Hour of diag & move forward from there & have been for several years.
  4. Bottom Line; Free Estimates If you tell us what parts you want to replaced. Otherwise we must charge you for our time in locating your autos' troubles.
  5. Greetings ladies & gents,my first post @ ASO,this marks our 34 year in buisness Kansas Avenue Auto Center www.kansas-auto.com http://www.modestoautoshop.com/
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      New to this site,hope to both learn & share our many,many experiences

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