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  1. autobodyguys

    Best Scanner for General Repair

    We use this one: https://www.matcotools.com/catalog/product/MDMAX2A/MAXIMUS-2-0A-TABLET-SCAN-TOOL/
  2. autobodyguys

    Anyone tried Groupon?

    We stay away from Groupon. Not our target market. I hate dealing with cheapskates. They are always looking for "another deal".
  3. autobodyguys

    Google Search - What Happened?

    Yes, the internet game is constantly changing. We also hired an internet marketing company to handle our website, seo, ppc, and our social media. I have enough on my plate to try and take on all that as well. My shop has never been busier and I'm pretty sure they work with shops nationwide. Here is the website if you want to check them out: digital marketing company
  4. I just wanted to share a quick tip that I think is easily overlooked... invest in your community! And not just one. I have to say a lot of our success comes from the local community who have seen our name at the local booster clubs, fundraisers, sponsorships, etc. Don't count out your local chamber or commerce either. Host get-togethers/business functions at our shop, get a little league banner, run a "contest" if you will that will benefit the local food bank. Get involved! You will be better known around the community if you do. It has helped us grow so quickly these last couple of years. I rarely say no to a sponsorship and it has paid off in the end. Here is one of the last community sponsorships we did. We tied it into our local "best of" contest that we have in town: Best Auto Body Shop in Orangevale
  5. We updated our website based on ASO Staff Members suggestions. Let us know what you think folsom orangevale auto body shop thanks!
  6. autobodyguys

    Let's talk advertising

    Any idea what percentage of business Google Adwords is bringing into your business auto body and paint shop?
  7. Hey Everyone, Curious what everyone is doing for marketing and advertising. What have you found to be the best return for your money and where are you located?? Looking for some ideas for my auto body shop . I have tried radio, yelp and yellow pages (never again).
  8. autobodyguys

    Negative review while serving vehicle

    Always respond to the negative review. It shows other potential customers that you care and acknowledge the complaint. Just remember when commenting you are not responding to the customer, you are responding to everyone reading.
  9. autobodyguys


    Pass on BBB. With Yelp, Google reviews and facebook review people are not turning to BBB anymore. But it is important to not have a low grade from them.
  10. Would love to get everyone feedback. Thanks! folsom orangevale auto body repair