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I'm going to hire a new tech soon. I've been through the wringer with employees. We're a smaller shop and at times struggle with organization. We're currently expanding and the work demand has been so high for over 3 years now we've got to move forward.


In the past we've paid hourly - bit us in the butt with productivity. We're too nice. These pay ranges were $10.00-$15.00 per hour.

We've paid base of $400 + book starting at $15.00 and moving to $20.00 paid anything over the $400.00

We've tried team book @ $15.00 - $20.00.


Either one or the other is always unhappy. This time I plan to better implement tech work sheets, and use these to help keep the employee better versed on their time.

Any suggestions on a pay plan that will satisfy employees and encourage productivity? We're at $65 hourly - and will be going up soon.


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