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I know this sounds the same, I have a shop in Florida Panhandle , I have had very little turnover the last 35 years but more the last 3. How do you guys get qualified techs to apply. I have run some ad's and get the driveway worker. My business is growing so fast I could use 2 lead techs now, I have 3. I always have paid just straight commision start at 37% highest one is at 40%. I had one guy turn 6800 last 2 weeks. I have 3 to 4 weeks car waiting. The money is there , I just do not seem to know how to get these good techs in here. I have paid for ad's , free craigslist. I know there is a shortage. I also know I am the highest paying shop in our area. I need some outside the box ideas. Thanks guys David

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