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  1. Randy’s Auto Repair- he is just off the beach in Fort Myers.
  2. bluewater182


  3. ACDelcotraining.com They can offer online training as well as Instructor led, hands on training. Napa also offers some hands on training.
  4. Test strips and freeze pint only show the base condition, not the degradation of the additives. When in doubt, throw it out. I try to get the customers to change coolant every 3 years. Some are hesitant, their call. But coolant is cheap insurance.
  5. I like the classes put on by Automotive Training group. http://atgtraining.com/ Some of the local Votechs offer nighttime classes. Alot of people overlook the networking component of the classes, I try to take one or two up and coming technicians under my wing for a year or so..
  6. The problem finding seasoned techs has been around for years. Best way to find someone (for me) have been Tool Trucks and ATG Training classes. If they are driven enough to learn, they will probably fit in with your business. If you have the time, do not forget your local Trade or Vo-Tech school, get to know the instructors, get involved with their advisory board! My local schools LISTEN to their advisory board ( you can give input on curriculum). If you want to teach them your way, why not start there? My master Tech was a graduate, and I am molding him to the way I want it done, He has achieved his Ase Masters and has been a solid guy. He was the Auto tech Instructors "pick of the litter".
  7. If you want to hire good prospects, try your local trade school. Get to know the instructors, they can tell you who has the aptitude and work ethic. Some schools have a program development council that gives employers input into the curriculum taught, and it gives the employer chances to interact with the students..... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. They guys are resonsible for their work areas, they have to clean up the major messes. The gs tech takes out the trash, scrubs the floors etc. When I was still turning wrenches, I cleaned up at the end of the day, put my tools away so I could start fresh. I worked with a tech that always showed up 30-45 minutes early to clean up, put tools away etc. As long as it gets done, I dont care when they do it. HOWEVER if it is a trackable ( foot print leaving mess) it MUST BE CLEANED UP IMMEDIATELY. If it dosent, it invarabily ends up missing the floormat in the customers car...
  9. I like ATG http://atgtraining.com/ they are good, alibet a bit pricy ($199 for a 2 night class)
  10. I have my general service guy do tires, visual safety checks (with shop foreman supervision) He gets to keep the tips from tire checks, bulbs (I usually don't charge for good customers) Wiper blades goto the tech that recommended (they get $1 a blade spiff).
  11. First check: Turbo. Thats what it sounds like. If it is, dont forget to clean intercooler. Possible clogged crankcase vent system,
  12. Both have their pros and cons. What is your long term exit plan? Do you intend to sell within 5 years? An employee will do what is required to get paid. A partner needs to bring something equal to your capital to the table. Does the potential partner have a following of customers? If so that will help the start up. If you want employee then look for one that has obligations (familiy, mortgage etc) they tend to be more reliable than those without. Just my opinion.
  13. Sadly, It seems like the work ethic of our generation ( mid 30's and older) has not transferred to younger generation(s). I have friends that are auto instructors and they say the students get less motivated every year. Finding anyone that is a reasonable tech is a challenge, let alone a great tech! And it is not just auto repair, Heavy Equipment is hurting, Alot of auto techs are going that way, easy to understand why.. Starting pay is $20 an hour plus,time and a half over 40 clock hours, Hiring bonuses are $2000-$3000.
  14. My only issue is when FB, Twitter etc, interferes with work ( you know, the thing i PAY YOU to do)
  15. Rule 1 I have when dealing with customers: They will lie or omit facts because it is "cheaper" for them. I recently had a customer flat out tell me that it was my problem to duplicate her issue ( she simply said it runs weird). Apparently it was her fathers advice. I said ok It will be $85 per hour (diagnostic time) until we find it, then $75/ hr to repair. She asked how long will it take, my response was "Could be 1/2 hour or 12 hours, I cannot price it until I know what is wrong. I will be billing you $85 an hour until we find it." All of a sudden, she couldnt stop giving me information. Customer interview? Nope. It is a customer INTERAGATION!

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