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  1. EXP Frank

    EXP Frank

  2. Think its hard now, imagine if you had to pay all the expenses of a legit shop.
  3. These ideas always sound great in theory. But do you really want some college grad, that couldn't make it in the real world so he went to work for the state, passing judgement on your shop? All this would do is raise the cost of doing business. Lets be real, the people who go to the shade tree guys aren't the customers you want. Let them go and don't lose sleep on them. Focus on the customers who see the value in what you do for a living. There's plenty of cars for everybody. You want better techs, train them to be better techs. Our newest tech I hired with zero mechanical experience and
  4. I have received several sales calls from them over the past couple weeks. Typical telemarketer call, local number with weak sales pitch. How many of you guys are using their services?
  5. Some of my favorites are: Customers for life by Carl Sewell 7 habits for highly effective people by Stephen Covey Lynchpin by Seth Godin
  6. We went through demos for AV and bolt on here at Sema today. Both were impressive and I can't wait to integrate AV in our shop.
  7. That's a pretty interesting a approach. What do you do about tools for your new hires if they're from outside our industry?
  8. Anybody here ever been to their seminars or signed up for their consulting? Looking for some insight before I make a decision.
  9. When I contacted them they told me my shop was too small (3 bays and Gross sales) to work with. Quite disappointing.
  10. We have our regular labor rate and a labor rate for warranty/insurance companies.
  11. These guys seem to all be sleezy salesmen. Who do you guys trust with your processing and do you have any tips when it comes to dealing with these companys?

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