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  2. Your address shows up as a Rv Park? If that is right your near a lot of business going by the map. What is your Customer base right now consist of? What is your current ARO and car count per week? Just trying to get a fill of your situation.
  3. Do you do background checks on a possible new tech or a general employee and if so what's the best way to do this.
  4. Ok guys how is the best way to not eat some of our hard work when a credit card or debit card is handed to us and the counter when we're getting paid. I love cash but I don't see it as much as I used to . I don't care for checks any more since I've been burned in the past. And now on my jobs that are hundred and some over a thousand this takes a bite out of my profit. How are you dealing with this and how are you explaining it to your customers so they don't get upset? Thanks for the help
  5. Can any or all that will email me a good working up to date price matrix you are using on Mitchell's 1. Thanks guys . Email is [email protected]
  6. What is a good amount of emails to justify a social crm service?
  7. What I'm trying to see is if there's any more efficient way for me as a one man shop can communicate with my customers. I know how important the phone is but as a one man shop I'm growing fast right now and can't stay on the phone like id like to with all my customers. I need a way to fill in the holes with a way to communicate with them if there is one. Thanks for your input.
  8. Is anyone using Glovebox or something like it to communicate with there customers? Since I don't have a service writer or anyone else to contact customers about work needing to be done or when it is done I'm looking for a easier and more efficient way to talk to my customers through the day. What are you doing or what advice would you give to a one man operation. Thanks everyone.
  9. Would this job really sale for $1,200 ?? I'm thinking if it does I might just need to start doing them. What advice would you guys give me since this would be new to me? Like education, tricks and just what ever you can think of to help me feel more comfortable doing them. To me it's the uneasiness of the unknown.
  10. I have just never gotten into doing timing belts since I've been in the business. It has been a time thing for me. I've always been told it takes a long time as you guys said like 5 plus hours of work. I'm a 1 man shop so I've stayed away from them. At this point I stay so busy right now with all my other work and I don't have any experience in doing them so I would just feel better dining it out. Are they really that easy just time consuming?
  11. I don't do some things at my shop at the moment like timing belts. I would like to offer this to my customers also but I will have to farm the job out to someone. I'm friends with a ASE master mechanic that I trust but I really don't know how to work a quote up for my customer to see if is even worth my time and if I can make any money off this job even though I'm the middle man. From my past experience I'm thinking the belt the water pump and the pulleys. But I'm not sure. The guy I know says it'll cost me $660 to do it all. What would this kind of job cost at your shops? It's a 2004 Acura TL 3.2. And how should I take a payment on this when I have to pay the guy I know. Thanks for your input.
  12. Ryan was your Aro and profit percent at the time you hired your first tech?
  13. When do you know it's time to hire someone? Who do you hire ? Just a tech to do light work like or a mechanic to do the more profitable jobs? Is it best to 1099 them or what? I looked at my numbers for the month of December 2014 and it was on the 10th of the month this year. My numbers so far this month has doubled for the whole month from last year. I have to Joe for having this site to help use network and help each other. The things I've learned so far is what is making a difference at my shop right now and it's just the beginning for me!! Thanks guys!!

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