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  1. Guys, the European coverage in the Autel Tools are only getting better and better. There absolutely is not another aftermarket Tool in production that can touch the Autel with it's content. As for Launch I wouldn't waste any time or money with it.
  2. NEW FORD VCM-II: $2495.00 IDS License: $750.00 http://www.oescantools.com/FordVCM2.html The Ford VCM II the authentic Ford OEM diagnostics scan tool that works with the Ford IDS diagnostics application running on a PC to diagnose Ford, Lincoln and mercury vehicles. The VCM II offers: Authentic OEM diagnostics for Ford, Lincoln and Mercury Vehicles. Customer Flight Recorder (CFR) functionality with an optional pendant cable. Industry standardized J1962 Data Link Connector (DLC) and USB cables. Four LED indicators and signaling device providing technician with continuous visual as well as audible operating status. Enhanced 802.11 wireless that minimizes dependencies on service department wireless capability infrastructure. Improved durability. SmartPower Management system to protect the VCM II in extreme environments. Integration with IDS: New wireless software integrated with IDS installation package. Wireless functionality preferred for all IDS functions including module reprogramming. USB wired connections are only required to update the VCM II loaded code and to set up the VCM II to function as a Customer Flight Recorder. CFR option added to provide legacy and future vehicle coverage.
  3. Andrew that is a great story and with a personal desire to be great, like it sounds like you have, will take you farther than you can imagine. I too left the Dealership world for the same reasons and I really loved to fix cars and was/are still really good at it. I see the problem is that a lot of Dealers are so money hungry and they want Techs that Hang High Dollar parts and also charge high Labor. Unfortunately I see a lot of Greed out there from that side of the business and also not much loyalty to the people that make it happen.
  4. Pro-Cut is the Best On-Car Brake Lathe on the market, don't even consider looking at anything else as there is no substitute. This has come from experience and knowledge of today cars and is also proven from the OE Manufacturers. When you have a rotor with built in factory run-out and a hub with built in factory run-out and then meet those two individual pieces together you can get a stacked tolerance than can be excessive. What happens when there is a stacked tolerance and the vehicle is in motion then the high spot of the rotor will contact the brake pad in that area and actually will remove metal in that spot and it will be 180 degrees from the front side of the rotor to the back side of the rotor while the brakes are not applied. These two thin spot gradually get worse and worse over several thousand miles typically between 2500 to 5000 and then you get the dreaded brake pedal pulsation and even steering wheel shake side to side. In the aftermarket we all blame this condition on the following... 1) Over tightened lug nuts 2) Poor Rotor Quality or Thin Rotors 3) Nature of the Vehicle 4) Driver Habits 5) Getting Rotors wet when they are Hot. All of which 99.9% of the time is hog wash. "Rotor Match" all of your Rotors when doing a brake job and charge extra for the service because that is the real issue facing today's brake systems. Also you should be able to do an axle or two rotors in 15 or less, I will guarantee you that getting a Rotor from a parts house takes you a lot more time. Plus why in the world are the majority of Shops now Replacing a Rotor just because they are cheap to replace? Shouldn't you be replacing them when they are under spec? You are fooling yourself if you think that hanging a New Rotor without Rotor Matching it is the Best way to go. Remember whether it is New or Used you should still Match the Rotor to the Hub so that you can take the run-out issue out of the equation. My .02
  5. Try unplugging the Clock spring in the steering column for the Air Bag. It is an known issue on these Models that the Clock spring can affect the Ground for the TPS Circuit and it causes all kinds of drivability issues including P0122 & P0123 Codes. I know it sounds stupid but just try it and report back to us and let us know what the outcome is. Thanks
  6. Chrysler Tech Authority 1 Year Subscription + 1 Year wiTECH Application License This is all together now in one package and not separate. Subscriptions provide access to: Technical Service Bulletins & Recalls for domestic vehicles - 1992 to present. Information for some 1995 and 1996 to present. Wiring information for some 1995 and all 1996 to present. Diagnostic information for some 1995 and all 1996 to present. NOTE: Diagnostics Info may be found within the Service Information Tab. Body repair Information. Vehicle controller reprogramming. Training Materials. Flash Matrix with Flash part numbers, part supercedance, recall and calibration information. Capability to download Flash files for updating controllers. Ability to view JTEC, SBEC and FCC related OBD II information.
  7. Attention Autoshopowner.com Members don't miss out on our "IN SHOPPING CART" Deal of the Day!
  8. It takes the Right Tool with the Right SUPPORT! BARTEC, ATEQ, AUTEL it doesn't matter if you don't know how the system works on the car or what the real reset procedure is.
  9. All great info in this thread. I will share this personal experience on my daughters 2007 Acura TL. I purchased new tires and did the recommended alignment no problem as I wanted to keep the tire wear to a minimum even though I knew that the 16 year old driving this car will curb check the heck out of it. I watched the tech and I was pleased with the time spent on checking it out. They recommended a couple items and we ended up doing camber kits in the back and replacing the compliance bushings in the front. After all of this the tech performed the adjustments and went to reset the steering angle sensor with their newer Hunter Machine. The tech ran into an issue, after he did the relearn the dash was lit up with lights, ABS, Brake, Check Engine, and as few more. Long story short their tool would not perform the relearn. Luckily with the right tool this is about a 5 min fix. I bring this up because 1) You should be selling a steering angle reset diagnostic fee, and 2) You need to be aware that to really perform the service right then having a quality scan tool to perform this is now a reality. Out of curiosity, how many shops here are performing this relearn and charging for it? If you are have you had any issues like what I described? We find that a lot of shops don't do it for a whole list of reasons. Don't let those excuses keep you from doing it right. Merry Christmas everyone, hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable holiday season. Thanks
  10. I love reading about all the articles here about Customers asking for Quotes for repair before the shop even sees the car.
  11. Give us a call to discuss your Diagnostic offering for your shop. We can set up you a super quick & efficient automotive Durabook with i7 processor and the most validated Interface device on the market. With this set-up and a Lock Smith ID your shop can have OE Dealer Diagnostics and Re-flash programming including Key & Immobilizer on the following Product Lines... Audi BMW General Motors Jaguar Land Rover Lexus Mini Toyota Volkswagen Volvo Shop will need subscriptions for each Make, please see chart below. We also strongly recommend letting us set-up a computer for you. This is the area that most shops think that they can cut a corner and save some money only to find out the hard way that there are too many programs that conflict with each other. When you start programming you will want as much help as you can get and that's where we come in with recommending the right Tools and installing plus partitioning the hard drive of your Laptop to run efficiently. Our Service to you is no different than the Services you provide your Customers, this is what we do and we do it better than anyone else. Call us for all your Diagnostic Scan Tools needs, you will be glad you did. Thank you (682) 300-4613 [email protected] www.OEScanTools.com
  12. Hello folks, I thought I would share some info on how the Autel MaxiSYS actually works. I can tell you for the most part on every Make that I have verified at least this Tool mimics the Factory Tool from Flow to Functionality.
  13. We offer only authentic OE Scan Tools with full Technical support which includes remote computer/phone assistance.
  14. Very good Matt, if you ever do branch out let me know. We can really help you if you do start branching out into other Makes. Sounds like you have a very good thing going, congrats! Thanks OEScanTools.com (682) 300-4613 [email protected]

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