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  1. I would remove this post with details specifically about the customer and complaint from this forum. No need to post that information on the Internet, you are opening up the possibility for it to cause you trouble. Keep it confidential. Also, hire the attorney, I wouldn't send this letter, hire an attorney and have them send the letter. Not to be impolite but your letter is only going to make the issue worse. It is a lot of he said/she said banter. It will only fuel the problem. Loose the arguments and stick to the points and the facts. Let go of your emotions. File a suite alleging slander and loss of business if you want the social media comments removed. You could also petition the forum owner. Check their terms of service on false claims. You may get it removed that way. The facts of the current issue are (or it seems are) the vehicle is still on your premises, amounts may be due. Those are the ONLY things your letter should state along with instructions on how to deal with THOSE issues with deadlines. Loose the rest, it will only cause you grief.
  2. Lift for low cars

    That bendpak seems pretty nice, looks like it will do what I need. The only one I found that is lower is the tudedo/ideal TP10KAC-DX with 1/2 inch more clearance at the pad. Both are ALI certified. The bendpak is the better brand name for a few hundred more, probably worth it. Thoughts on screw up pads? They are an option on both lifts, I've never had a lift with them, just drop in adapters.
  3. Damage to customers vehicle

    Filters can fall off but I agree, there would be tons of telltale signs, oil everywhere and should have had an oil light long before it fell to the pavement. It does happen, happened with my old shop a few times, or at lease loose filters, every time it was by the hand of the owner. In any other scenario he would be looking for work but it wasn't my call to make at the time. Even if it is an honest mistake it never makes the customer feel good. How you handle it could though. If it was possible that it was your (shop) fault then own it and help the customer come to a resolution. So I agree, do what you think is right. One time had a defective purolator and they covered the engine, so its not out of the question that it would have been a defective part. On the note of those axle boots, inner boot failure is SUPER common on a lowered vehicle. Axles should never be warrantied on non stock ride height vehicles. I personally own a fleet of very low cars. Those that haven't had the engines raised to correct the axle angle blow through boots/axles on a regular basis. Especially FWD vehicles with long/short axle configuration, put it up on an alignment rack and look at the angle of the short axle under load, no way that boot is gonna last!!!
  4. Damage to customers vehicle

    This is one I wouldn't throw a dime at. There are certain things a reasonable person should reasonably be expected to know and not know and thins a reasonable person should expect other people to know. Your service manager should reasonably expect to be able to open the door to a vehicle that was left unlocked without expecting to cause damage. The owner should reasonably expect that if they were aware of the problem any other reasonable person would not be and it would be their responsibility to take reasonable steps to ensure damage did not occur. If this issue has been there a while its the customer's own negligence in ignoring an issue that caused it. Plus who's to say the tow truck driver didn't do it first and your SM also did the same thing? In my opinion you don't own this one and although they might be upset having a nice conversation to convey the statement above should solve it. Plus they needed a door anyway, those caliber's have the cheapest metal, the door frame cracks around the area the hinge is mounted to, the whole door needs changing anyway. Same thing happens to patriots.
  5. I also agree with XRAC's statement. I would add that it might be time to call an attorney and file a suite for slander. The case will never go to court, you offer to settle with an agreement to remove social media posts and an NDA. People tend to get off their high horse when papers get served from the court. If you're concerned about the damage to your rep and that this may continue it might cost you a grand a two with an attorney but it will stop the bleeding. As long as you were prompt to respond to the issue (which I assume you were) it looks like you did what you could to rectify it. Sounds like more that you needed to. Its fine if she leaves but continuing to make a scene is not helping anyone. Especially if she hasn't even picked up the car. Not sure on your state laws but in NY a registered letter must be sent before you can collect storage charges. Then start racking them up and add it to the law suite.
  6. In the market for a new lift. Looking for something that will work well for low vehicles but can still handle light trucks. 2 post, clear floor 10k lbs capacity range. I see a lot of manufacturers offer a bi-symmetrical lifts now. I've never used one. Thoughts? What do you have and like? I had mohawk's for the last 20 years, exploring other brands. Not going to get full time shop usage. Looking for the best bang for the buck but not anything that isn't ALI certified. What do you have that you like and can easily get sports cars on (a problem for my asymmetrical mohawk without blocks of wood to drive on)
  7. What did you think of shop controller? I just scheduled a demo
  8. Spot on I felt Interstate quality tanked in the last 4 years of so as well. The warranty decreased on them, pro rate periods are shorter than they used to be. Failures went though the roof the last year I was selling them.
  9. scratch that, this forum doesn't let you update posts, here is my current requirement list Scheduling app with integration to previous recommendations/estimates, this is best done directly from the booking interface This should also have some CRM features such as customer reminder notifications, would be great to have multiple contacts notified as often there is a groundskeeper or administrative assistant that we are dealing with as well RO management that includes technician notes, photos attachments, service recommendations and job status (linked to procurement management when parts need ordering) Walk through process for receiving a vehicle, including recording the customer compliant, accepting a signature. (required in NYS) System for recording authorizations of additional work needed, include phone authorization with timestamp or signature recording (required in NYS) Ability to link service recommendations to estimates and easily turn them into new ROs Inventory management. Should allow receiving of inventory as many items in a list (receive an entire shipment from a vendor). Also should allow ad hoc inventory entries during RO writing, this must include the cost, vendor and vendor invoice number. This makes it a one step process when entering items that are ordered for a specific job. supply chain integration is nice, procurement management for tracking when and where all the parts are coming from VIN or Plate scanning via mobile camera to start new ROs or estimates with your now common carfax VIN lookup and service history - VIN lookup by plate number is a MUST Customize-able vehicle inspection checklist -- This is technically not required but is really nice to have, some software platforms have done this really nicely. Payment integration, including popular payment gateways - we use Quickbooks goPayment -- not required but nice to have
  10. Sorry for the lack of updates. The Holidays, a six month old and getting this new shop running well has been a bear. That will get easier when I finally figure out some software. Autorepaircloud - This is a no go for now, there are just to many things that make it not a viable candidate. They are working to much from the customer side. they expect the customer to have an app that connects them to the shop. This is a great concept, but unfortunately a lot of parts of the software REQUIRE the customer to interact though the app, which doesn't work for my shop. I can't imagine it would work for anyone's shop. The bigger issue than the app though is the way they manage data. The customer is indexed by the phone number, which you can not change. Furthermore, if another shop using their software has entered that phone number already the software will not let you use it unless the customer approve going to your shop instead though the app!!!!! This is simply not how business operates, and their lack of understanding that is my biggest concern. The software is constantly developing though so they might get these things straightened out. It works well on a tablet and seems promising but its just to green to bet your business on. I've got a few demos scheduled this week so hopefully I'll have more feedback soon, and maybe find my solution!!! Note, I updated the original post with my new software requirements
  11. Lankar is an installed software product, not SAAS, cloud based service, so it can not handle a work anywhere operation. This takes it off my evaluation list. Might do fine for a basic single site shop location but that's not my operation.
  12. Credit cards

    Volume in my new shop is pretty low so far and I needed a mobile system. I'm using Intuit gopayments, works on mobile or tablet or USB. Fixed 1.6% over all cards,+ 0.25/swipe. Wireless chip car reader included. We do a concierge type service so mobile access was required. I couldn't find any other payment processor that could do mobile payments with a chip card reader (no PCI) without charging a ton for equipment. Its pretty new for me, only been with it a month and only did about 20k but so far so good. Deposits are fast. Also FYI, Companies like square will negotiate the rate for larger volume and long standing customers. My wife's company uses square, she is running about 1.8% total and likes the software they provide.
  13. watch this thread, lots of new info coming
  14. Well after a few days of testing I've ruled out a few and started with a few more. HerbC is right, Shop boss is not ready for production. Lots of things in that software that just don't work right. Its mobile capable but not a well laid out design. The jury is still out on shop-ware. The workflow is very different, I'm not sure if I like it, it works mobile but doesn't display on a phone great. I've started looking at a few new platforms, some of which look promising. For those who are following this thread I'll post a list of what I've looked at. Shop-ware - Odd workflow haven't ruled it out yet Shop-Boss - Software is buggy, doesn't display well on all devices. Schedule doesn't really work. Not ready for production environment. If they keep developing it this might be worth a look later on. Profitboost - I originally kind of liked this software, pretty well laid out, lots of functionality but missing some key features like inventory tracking. Rep told me no shop keeps inventory anymore 🙄 also no real way to track recommendations, which is really where the value comes in up-selling your services. Autorepaircloud - The jury is out here still but this is a very promising piece of software. Its missing some key features but the development team is very open to suggestions and update often. With some good input from guys like us I think this could be the winner but its just not there yet. Probably months out, maybe more but its got real promise. The inspection program they have is pretty great, although it could be a little better. Lots of data integration although all of it doesn't always work. Again, its promising Omnique - Just getting my feet wet with this one, will report back shortly, I know a few people on this forum use it, maybe they can chime in as well. workshop shoftware - Australian based company and as such the integrations are built for the AU market. Doesn't really work in the US, software looks decent though although I didn't get to far with it due to the obvious incompatibilities ShiftMobility Shoplite - Haven't started testing this one yet, will do soon though
  15. Thanks for the input, I was looking at ShopWare, Shop Boss looks good too, I will likely demo them both as they both look like they could fit me needs and are similarly priced. Has anyone tried ShiftMobility Shoplite? I emailed about a demo, the feature set looks good.