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  1. I am currently testing a chat integration using a service from Chatwee for our chat page https://www.autoshopowner.com/chatroom/ Please test it out. Resizes on mobile as well.
  2. We have a chat room back up, which you can navigate to by clicking on the CHAT link in the main menu. This is a temporary chat room while we look over permanent solutions for AutoShopOwner. We made an announcement last week that the old chat is no longer available due to the company who provides the server, shutting down.
  3. Our chat room is currently unavailable as our provider as taken the chat server offline. The server was not supposed to go offline until tomorrow, but the provider has taken it down earlier than expected. We did not anticipate an interruption for this week's chat. We apologize for the inconvenience if you visited this evening to take part in Sunday Chat. We should have more details and a chat room back up soon.
  4. Good topic, gonna chime in. I agree with @Autoshop Solutions and also agree with @RobMax on the work behind quality SEO. The techniques used today are enhanced and not the same as we could get away with 5-10 years ago. I have a few sites that dropped off in rankings and required a new SEO strategy to adapt to Google's algorithm changes over the years. The right content is very important as is domain age/relevance, keywords in page titles/content (not so much meta keywords anymore), quality back-links, screen rendering/responsive designs, coding with the right markups behind the scenes, SSL, etc. Designing a local site is a bit different than designing a site meant to target a broader geography. It's true that in busier metro areas with many competitors, it's that much more difficult to beat them within the organic search results, so it can take time and creativity (this is where adwords can make up for that). Think about what your customers are typing into Google and use those words and phrases in your content and page titles and make sure your site is user friendly and encourages time on the site and page clicks. I find that many shop owners don't really check their site that often, it's a good exercise to see if you can find yourself...looking for a specific service. ๐Ÿ˜
  5. For anyone getting additional services with their website, is it paying off? What marketing services do you feel are providing the most ROI for you? What do you feel may be missing as a service? Would you recommend what you are getting now (Feel free to plug the company if you like)?
  6. We have implemented a new message system around member account information. If your account profile required fields are incomplete, you will now see a popup on the screen until you visit your account settings and update your profile. We attempt to capture this information upon registration but with the added ability to quickly login/register via social networks like Linkedin, Facebook, Google, and Twitter, members are not going through the normal registration process. Starting today, these and any other members with incomplete info will receive a quick message to remind them to update their profiles. Should you encounter any issues or need assistance, please post in this topic or send me a quick private message.
  7. So you have a domain name that redirects to the corporate site where they have a location based page for you it looks like. Cool. That's good that you have the time to manage it and I agree that you can then just edit as need. Wordpress is so widely used and does a good job. There are many website companies that use Wordpress and just customize it, add SEO plugins and such. Thanks for sharing.
  8. I've started a topic to better understand what costs everyone is incurring with their business websites. Please feel free to comment and answer the poll questions.
  9. There are many different website services, packages, and programs available when choosing the right company/webmaster for your auto repair business. You can sign up to a service that provides a robust website, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), analytics, marketing services, social network management, integrations, etc. You can also sign up for much simpler solutions which usually only include a website and some SEO. You can also try to use an online website builder to get yourself online with something very basic, which is better than nothing. So many different option and they all have their associated costs. In some cases there are initial startup costs as well. In most cases however, there are monthly costs associated with operating a business website. Please take a moment and share, if you would like, about your website costs and associated services. Please also take a moment to answer a few quick question in the attached poll. Thank you.
  10. Links section has been updated. https://www.autoshopowner.com/links/
  11. If I remember correctly, Johnson Controls manufactures Interstate and I thought NAPA batteries were manufactured by East Penn. ๐Ÿค”
  12. More bad news for Uber: one of the ride-hailing giantโ€™s self-driving Volvo SUVs has been involved in a crash in Arizona โ€” apparently leaving the vehicle flipped onto its side, and with damage to at least two other human-driven cars in the vicinity. Source: https://techcrunch.com/2017/03/25/uber-self-driving-test-car-involved-in-crash-in-arizona/
  13. * Topic moved to Marketing, Advertising, and Promoting forum.
  14. If our community here at AutoShopOwner has helped you in your business or in another way, please share with a post in this topic. There is nothing better than word of mouth and testimonials, some of which I'd like to post on our main page (coming soon). ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. There is a 10 sec flood control delay with search for our free members. You can upgrade to a premium or above membership which has no flood control for search. ๐Ÿ˜
  16. I just realized why most of you cannot see who specifically liked a post. That feature is now slated for premium and above memberships going forward. However, for the time being I've enabled it on our FREE membership package. ๐Ÿ˜
  17. Sorry for the delay responding to this. That's a good call out about the likes and I will look into that. As far as notifications, you can control them in your account settings or directly via this link: https://www.autoshopowner.com/notifications/options/ When you click into your account settings, you'll see to the right "Other settings" and then the link to Notifications. Click on what you want for notifications on the site and emails. You can do both , one, or none.
  18. Topic moved to Auto Body Shop Discussions Forum
  19. CMillet, I split your reply and the other replies to your comment into this separate topic for you, to not take over the original topic. You can change the title if you like, I just used the content from the first post.
  20. I have split the off-topic replies in this topic into a new topic:
  21. For anyone following twitter and facebook, we are back online. For those that use Tapatalk, I've just updated the plugin for that as well. Our forum, which is our main section, is back up. We've got new layouts for various other sections as well. Please reach out in this post, PM, contact form, or email if you experience any issue with this website. Layout issue, functionality, etc. Thank you.

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