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Communication is a lost art

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I wonder if you guys experience this... I would say 8/10 people that call the shop have such a hard time carrying on a simple conversation. It is understood their guard is up. They are testing the waters, asking questions to feel you out I get all of that. What I don't understand is the awkwardness of how people speak and their tonality.


"Yeah... uhhh... I need to uhhh... bring my car in today... uhhhh I got a check engine light... uhhh P1234 code"


"So you uhhh... can't just check it like... uhhh real quick?????"



Then I get apprehensiveness when it comes to asking for name/number/e-mail for my scheduler. Its like everyone is a criminal and doesn't want to give out their personal information. SO STRANGE!



Do you guys experience the same thing? Or is it just people that grow up here in the jungle??? I just don't get it...

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