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  1. I think we can COUNT on it (parts shortages). Oh, that and higher prices. Having said that, I believe we'll be well positioned as an industry because as the government slows down the printing presses, people will fix up 'Ol Betsy rather than buy a new car they can't afford. Debt is dumb and cash is king but anyway you slice it, it's a house of cards.
  2. Interesting that no one has brought up the subject of parts availability. It wouldn't surprise me a bit if we start seeing spot shortages of parts in a matter of days, not weeks, and I fully anticipate that if we "flipped the switch" tomorrow and informed the world that it was okay to come out and play, that it would take many, many months for repair parts and tire inventory to return to normal. I'm anticipating a storage lot FULL of vehicles awaiting alternators, tensioners, water pumps, front end and brake components, PCM's, you name it. We don't make anything here anymore in our beloved country. We sold our soul to the devil years ago and now we are going to reap the "rewards". Too bad we have helped develop the economies of our adversaries on the other side of the world rather than our struggling neighbors here in our own hemisphere. You know, the hard working people who share our values (or what USED to be our values--hard work, sacrifice, providing a better future for our children, etc.), worship the same God, and speak the same language? Alright, alright, at least it's Latin based but you take my point. Forgive my rant, I'm just afraid of the debt TSUNAMI that is headed our way and the way in which those who wish us ill are going to take advantage of our greed and short-sightedness. Hold onto your butts, it's going to be a bumpy ride. Just my dos centavos worth.
  3. We use Uber almost daily. They consistently arrive in less than 5 minutes, deliver good service, and for less than I can run a vehicle for, let alone a vehicle AND an employee. I'm glad I don't have to do it for a living--talk about a razor thin margin!


  5. It is indeed a racket. Unfortunately, many customers look to see if a business is BBB accredited before making a decision on where to have their car repaired. We look on the annual $650 expense as a necessary evil.
  6. Makes life a little easier, no? I pay my guys hourly as well and was wondering how their bonus program is structured?
  7. I would have to have been VERY hungry to have tackled that one.
  8. Obviously you were not paying attention during the last sensitivity training module. They are not "homeless", they are "housing deprived". Get with the program!
  9. Anyone have any experience with the new Mitchell 1st Mile program? Looks intriguing.
  10. Love your look, Meowpix. Might want to look into having a glass shop round those corners off the table though. I can just see some little guy toddling up to it at face level and YIKES!
  11. I have had numerous opportunities over the years to get involved in the collision repair business but have always begged off. The horror stories from friends in the business and the fact that numerous well-respected body shops in town are available for purchase for very reasonable sums tells me all I need to know. Guys I respect and admire are hanging up their spurs because, while the insurance companies have always called the shots, they have now resorted to ruthless tactics in many instances and seasoned veterans are saying "screw it, I don't need this anymore". Forced to choose between knuckling under and accepting margins that are ridiculously unfair, or resorting to cutting corners and committing fraud, they are taking a bow and walking away.
  12. Many years ago, long before the internet, a wise man told me that I'd be dealing with two types of individuals in this business--customers and people with broken cars. 'Nuff said.
  13. As my service manager likes to say, just because someone is "car ignorant" doesn't mean they're ignorant. However, when they bring that touch of arrogance to the party, look out!
  14. This is meant strictly to amuse. Our primary business is auto repair and but we do towing as well so we get the 'winners', only at all hours of the night. Some examples....... "What is your address, please ma'am/sir?" My house. Well, you go down the SEA MEANT road, then look for the cow with brown spots. There isn't one. It's the house next to the one with the dog tied to the tree. What do you need my address for? And my all time favorite: "Your driver was very insulting." I'm sorry. Can you please tell me what happened? He must think I'm stupid or something. Just because I'm a woman, probably. Can you please tell me what happened? (by now I hear my driver on the speaker phone with my dispatcher, "You're not gonna believe this one......") He's trying to tell my I have a nail in my tire and that that's the reason it went flat. Sounds logical. Am I missing something here? I can see the nail. But it's on the very top. Ok......... Ma'am, I'm sorry but I'm failing to grasp what's wrong. The nail is on the top (she almost added, "you stupid ass"). How can it be flat on the bottom if the nail is on top?!? Me? SPEECHLESS.

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