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  1. How do you train your advisors and your technicians on time management? We're a small shop (2 bays, 1 advisor, 1 tech and myself who doesn't wrench). I was asked today if we could call in an additional technician to help with the extra work tomorrow. I asked them how much work is on the schedule, they said hours of inspections and diags. I told them to inspect and diag everything in the morning and schedule out the repairs with the client from there. "Diag in the morning, repair in the afternoon" as I've heard it said and that always made sense to me. My little crew is willing to go the extra mile to get things done but don't seem to have the tools of time/scheduling management to do this as effectively as I'd like to see. Is there a resource out there to help teach the fundamentals of scheduling? Thanks.
  2. Read something that got me revved up! A discussion regarding the laborforce shortage. Here are some of my thoughts to create a win/win for a better experience in our trade for employees, employers and the general public. I'd love to hear your ideas as well. 1. Employers and employees can both conduct themselves in a more professional manner to increase the perceived value of the public. 2. Less technical, more "people oriented" sales and leadership staff. 3. Simple and fair performance based pay structures. Ex. Fair hourly + good production incentive. 4. Work/Life balance. Labor force goes home at 5. Saturday's optional. No Sundays, ever. 5. Cut the heads off the premadonna's in the shop! Teamwork makes the dream work and if you have a problematic high performer killing the shop culture.. Give everyone else the gift of a better place to work and let that turkey go! 6. "Make them hate you on the front end". Be up front about everything! Then there's nothing to hide and no counter negotiations to deal with. This is what we do and how we'll do it and What it means for you mr. Customer. 7. Train in your clients: "This is how we do it here" and help them understand what to expect and sign for it. Ex. Mr. Customer, we'll need to run tests to determine the probable causes, the cost of these tests will be x. If you accept, please sign here. Now nobody has to ask the tech to take one for the team to get the sale. 7. Everybody needs to adopt the philosophy: "No gimmicks, games or drama! Don't deal it, don't accept it." Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  3. I'm going through reciepts to double check profitability. I am stumbling across instances where I am finding Joe Blow off the street getting better prices than us spending $2k per week. This is what i believe happens when a parts house knows "You're comfortable" like Ken was. Over time, if someone is paid commission's on sale (not gp) it is the natural course of what happens. You're comfortable, it's convenient, it's a product of the system. My realtor will "negotiate" for me but how intensely? If I'm asking them to take a pay cut to make a lower offer how enthusiastic will they be? Not very. Product of the system. On another example I was quoted 3 prices today for gas tank straps on a '98 Tahoe. $130, $133 and $54. I did the extra calling because no place could get it for a week. I'm glad I am not to comfortable. I'm not mad. It is what it is, they all do this and is not because I'm not just "doggedly loyal" to one vendor. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  4. What do you do now? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  5. Who uses this in aftermarket world? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  6. Good afternoon gentlemen, Who on here has experience with the software product called "DemandForce" and what has it achieved for you? What else is it comparable to in the marketplace right now?
  7. I'll check it out and give you feedback. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  8. I've been criticized recently for efforts to increase our exposure, perceived value in our product/service offerings and strategies to increase ARO. The question I'm met with is "Don't you think you're making too much $ on every job?" These individuals saying this don't comprehend that the basic principles of business. When McDonald's began asking "would you like fries and a coke with that?" there bottom line as a company tripled over night and there customers were perfectly happy overall. There is nothing wrong with upselling. There is nothing wrong with adding convenience, quality, exposure and/or decreasing non-value adding/unnecessary costs. Go determine your business model & pricing system, be honest and go make as much money as possible with integrity! Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  9. I'm falling to understand this. Could you elaborate please? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  10. Does anyone have a link to this video? Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  11. Try this for a read. http://cloud.tapatalk.com/s/58d9b51da3c45/Percieved%20Value.pdf Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk
  12. If you advertise "low prices" you're asking for those who are loyal to "low prices" and not loyal to you. He did you a favor giving you this wake up call. Sent from my SM-N900P using Tapatalk

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