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  1. why do techs have to stay over because writers promiss the world? That's what has to stop. Things happen like this all the time. 35 years in the business you should know. People will never be happy with everything you do anyways.
  2. no they just want free diags and trust me, the dumbing down of America is real. You see it everyday. Problem is we just beat around the bush. I tell it like it is. I weed out the dead beats fast that way. You get some idiot that goes ummmm all the time, its time to end the call. Good luck, you guys will figure it out soon enough.
  3. Hi, I use a cheap harbor freight green one. I think it was $150.00 for it. Works great. If I had to do it over again, I would get one that does both. A oil drain and extractor combo.
  4. Is there a drug test you can test someone to see if they are doing drugs on the job? No there isn't. What someone does at home is there business is it not. Until there is a test that will I don't support these so called drug test. Don't you think its against peoples rights?
  5. Hi, oil extractors work great. Ive used one for years. matter of fact, Mercedes and bmw, think vw too use them as a factory tool. As far as guys thinking they don't get all the oil is sadly mistaken. Oil extraction gets all of the oil out to the point that there will be no drips. One machine can be used for so many different jobs like brakes, tranny service, power sterring, etc. Try one I think youll like it.
  6. Sure glad I have never worked for a baby sitter like you. I'm sure you have people shacking in there boots and wondering if they will get fired every time they turn around. Thank god we have therapist for people like you. Take care and don't forget your pills.
  7. wow people multi task all the time. whats the problem? your going to fire a technician over sm? wow
  8. I tell them people to have vatozone fix it for them.
  9. more and more people like this everyday. seems like we are getting dumber and dumber by the year. hey I guess were number 1 in debt, number 1 in incarcerated people, number 1000 in schooling...
  10. must be vatozone. if you have a commercial account, automatically the person should get 10% off walk ins.
  11. ya this must be for high end dealership. hahaha top off fuel, no way. next thing they say was my car ran fine until you put fuel etc in it. no thanks. sounds great and makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, but not this guy.
  12. ofcourse not, hardly ever are they right. I would of done the exsact same thing. I don't want customers like that because you can never please them... ever
  13. all we have is the big box. ive been using rock auto lately. good or bad its what I have available.

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