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Health Care Insurance Concerns?

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Has anyone spoken to their insurance agents in regard to health insurance. I briefly saw my insurance agent at the last Chamber of Commerce meeting and he told me he wants to meet with me way before November, when it will time to renew, to discuss all the changes in the new health laws. From what I see in New York, rates are going up and coverages will not be the same.



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I don't offer it to my employees yet but I can tell you that my own personal health insurance is planning to more than double because the minimums don't meet Obamacare's requirements. So much for the lie that my health insurance won't be going up. We will probably have to do without sadly because there is no way I can afford to pay double for the crap insurance I already have :(

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I have just added health insurance. I have cut my personal pay to make it work. I am also lowering other insurance bills. I plan to call Comcast to reduce that bill, as well as cut out ALLDATA repair and use identif8x for all repair info.

I will probably raise my labor rate January 1st to cover the cost.

My wife and kids have been covered by CHIP and Medicaid. If they loose that coverage because I offer a plan It will cost me $1480 a month, more then my home payment.  

My one employee that signed up cost another $550. So this is a little over 2000 a month. If I raise my labor rate by $5 and fiddle with my parts matrix a tad it should balance out.  

It makes me sick thinking about the cost so I need to get it lol.

I do hope this will help me attract the better techs out there. If I can get a more efficient employee out of it the costs would be even more offset.

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16 hours ago, xrac said:

At least the deductible is modest.  I am Medicare as of December 1.  My premium (medicare & supplements) drops by over $400 per month and my deductible went from $7,500 to less than $200 otherwise I would still be sweating the health insurance thing. 

I'm with ya Xrac, I turn 65 in April and I'm looking forward to Medicare. My insurance just took another jump of 

$100 to about $950/mo with a 4K deductible. I expect to see a decrease similiar to yours.

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While this is not insurance, I recently learned of this healthcare insurance option.   There is a company here called diamondphysicians.com that offers concierge medicine.  I think it's under $100/month and then most medical issues are covered.  Doctor visits are free, Lab work is about $7, xrays $30, etc.  They have both GP's and some specialists on staff.  I think an insurance agent can make a mint if they find a way to package major medical insurance with this type of medical care.  One is not covered of they have a major medical issue or if you are in a car wreck.  However, if there's a choice between no insurance and this only, it still has value.  The person that told me about this has no insurance and a family with small children.  He's a member of this network and at least he, his wife and kids are getting medical care.    I had always associated concierge medicine with wealthy folks only.  As you can see, this one doesn't break the bank.  

It looks like they might expand to other areas as it is a franchise as well.  

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Health insurance has become a JOKE ! we are not offered insurance through work.. I have to pay out of pocket for my and my wife's insurance. Our monthly bill starting Jan 1st will be 956.00 a month , there is no way we can afford it. We do not qualify for any assistance so it is on us.. Our saving grace maybe that my wife started a new job as a medical secretary for a spine doctor in a hospital so we have looked into their insurance and it looks like we should be able to join hers without having to wait until their open enrollment which is in may and wouldn't take effect until July. They said that they may be able to consider the high payment that we can't afford to be a life altering circumstance. Her insurance will be 400.00 a month cheaper and much much better coverage. much lower out of pocket and deductibles not to mention no need for referrals we can go to any specialist in the network most of which are in our living area so that is a plus as well. We should hear something soon if not we will be without health insurance starting Jan 1st.

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I had to pay a penalty this year because NYS made and error and cancelled a couple of my kids. Their website was broken so they couldn't fix it for a few months. The state got it corrected finally but we still had a gap. How can 6 people be on the same plan, all dependents of me, all signed up at the same time and 2 get dropped mid year? Computer error. Now I have to file another form to get a refund of the penalty, I'm still working on getting reimbursed for some Dr visits. Not to be one of those guys but when I was self insured everybody made more money. The providers and me both. By a LOT! My employees have other halves with family plans thank god because I can't afford to provide health care for them no matter how I figure it. 

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      Let me start by saying that I believe in giving praise when deserved and letting employees know when they dropped the ball. However, the truth is that no one enjoys being reprimanded or told they messed up.  
      The question is, what is the appropriate balance between the right amount of praise and the right amount of critical feedback? According to studies done by Harvard Business School, the ratio of praise to critical feedback should be about 6:1 – Six praises for every critical feedback. I am not sure if I agree with that.
      From personal experience, I would recommend a lot more praise. The exact ratio doesn’t matter. What’s important is that before you consider giving critical feedback, ensure you have given that employee a lot of recent praise. If not, whatever you are trying to get through to an employee, will fall on deaf ears.
      When you do have to give critical feedback, remember a few things:
      Focus on the issue or behavior; never attack the person, and remain calm in your actions and words Ask the employee for feedback, their side of the story Speak to the employee in private Address the issue soon after it happens; never wait Don’t rely on second-hand information; it’s always better if you have experienced the situation yourself that you want to correct Have an open discussion and find things that both of you can agree upon Have an action plan moving forward that the employee can take ownership of Use the experience as a learning tool Make sure you bring up positive attributes about them Remember, you don’t want the employee to be angry or upset with you; you want them to reflect on the situation and what can be improved. One last thing. Everyone makes mistakes. We need to be mindful of this.
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