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You DON'T want all 5-star Google reviews

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According to studies from Northwestern, Birdeye, and other companies, people are most influenced by reviews with an average rating of 4.2 to 4.5 stars out of 5 — making this the ideal average star rating for purchase probability.

Having all 5-star Google reviews can work against you.  People may not trust a company with all 5-star reviews. No business is perfect, and you cannot please everyone. Also, people make mistakes.

Having negative reviews is not the end of the world, in fact, it may actually help your business. 

Thoughts? Comments? 

How To Respond To Google Reviews Of Your Business - Broadly.com

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3 hours ago, xrac said:

I absolutely agree. Someone with a few hundred reviews is doing something to artificially prop up the rating if they are 5.0. They are paying for reviews or refunding unhappy customers. I have 1 star reviews from non customers, 1 star reviews from disgruntled ex-employees, and even 3 star reviews from happy customers. As long as you keep you rating average above 4.0 you should be fine.  Tons of people tell me they came because of our reviews and we average 4.5. The positive is that many of our 5.0 review, customers leave us raving comments. 

Agree Frank!  Great comments. And shops need to be careful they don't "steer" only the customers they know will give them a 5-star review.  

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  • 2 months later...

hhhhmmmm ... I'm not so sure.  We have (only) 32 reviews (on Yelp) and all 5's except one.  I've heard nothing negative, but naturally I don't know about people who are turned off by that. 

If we create a great experience with a new customer, I say: "Hey, if you had a great experience, please leave a Yelp review."

I've learned that if that customer doesn't have a Yelp account, that brand new review doesn't make it to the front, it ends up behind the scenes (I forget the category name).

I know a guy who ASKS for 5 star reviews. He has 41 reviews, all 5-Star on Google. It works for him. He does have a lot of video reviews as well. Viewers feel as if they know him.

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11 minutes ago, xrac said:

No matter how hard you try if you get enough reviews eventually somebody will give you less than a five star. I had a really good customer who comes all the time give us a 3 star review. He thought that was a good rating. I have also gotten 1 star reviews from former employees I have fired and people who have never been a customer. 

All great points. While we need to strive to please all, and provide the very best in customer service, the customer experience and quality repairs, the fact is that people are people and we cannot be everything to everyone. 

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I'm not suffering from that TERRIBLE 100% 5 Star rating, so I can't tell you how bad it is on that side of the fence.

About 95% of my 1 star reviews are from people who have never spent money here.   I've earned (vs the many unearned ones) 2 of them, and one recently.  Autistic kid offers to buy a lady's car because she could not afford the repairs in order to help the lady get a new car.  He has no money himself.    P.S.  Her car broke down later that day.

I don't bow to my haters.   I address them head on and write my review responses to my new readers looking for a shop.   One person recently told me he came because I didn't apologize to the undeserving.

We solicit reviews with an after-service survey and a link to provide reviews as well as in-person request if we think that they were happy.   Both methods work.  

BTW, It takes 26 5-Star reviews to cancel a 1 Star review.    (26 * 5 + 1 = 131    131 / 26 = 5.03)   As you get more and more reviews, it's harder to move the needle much.


On 8/26/2022 at 2:26 PM, newport5 said:

I've learned that if that customer doesn't have a Yelp account, that brand new review doesn't make it to the front, it ends up behind the scenes (I forget the category name).

I have a 3 pager buried in Yelp Not Recommended section.    It was from a customer that I fired because he wanted to argue pricing.   Last time, I explained how it worked.   Next visit, he paid my diag fee, which I explained during drop off, but to his wife.  He was unhappy and tried to convince me that I was wrong.  He was also fired.   Same review is also sitting in the BBB files.

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As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

As a New BannerBuzz.com Customer You Get 20% Off Your First Order! Use Code: FIRSTORDER for 20% Off Custom Banners, Decals, Marketing Materials, and Any Custom Print Needs! Offer Does Not End

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