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Found 2 results

  1. Interesting article on Search Engine Journal about the importance of business reviews. Your business listing is prompted up with more positive reviews which is especially important for local area search. Google Local Search Study: Businesses on First Page Have an Avg. 4.4 Star Rating Businesses ranking on the first page of Google local search results have an average review rating of 4.42 stars. This information was revealed in a recent study from BrightLocal which examines Google reviews and how they relate to local rankings. A high star rating was found to strongly correlate with better rankings in Google search. Businesses ranking in the top 3 positions are more likely to have an average star rating of 4-5 stars (64% of businesses have 4-5 stars). Out of those ranking in positions 7-10 59% of were found to have a 4-5 star rating. Only 20% of businesses in positions 1-3 were found to have no Google reviews, compared to 26% of businesses in positions 7-10. Those numbers stress the importance of having a favorable star rating when it comes to ranking well in Google local search. Positive reviews send signals to Google that the business is trustworthy and provides a good experience for customers. Therefore, Google will be more likely to direct people toward those businesses when searching for what they offer. Other Key Findings from the Study Only 5% of businesses have an average star rating below 3 stars Photographers, alternative therapy businesses, and marketing services have the highest average star ratings Senior living services, car dealerships, and hotels have the lowest average star ratings Bars, restaurants, and hotels are the industries that are most likely to have Google Reviews Accountants are the least likely industry to have reviews on Google Results from this study are based on the analysis of 93,000 businesses’ Google reviews in 26 industries. Another recent study from Moz further illustrates the growing importance of Google My Business signals in local search results. Article: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/google-local-search-study-businesses-on-first-page-have-an-avg-4-4-star-rating/279895/
  2. Car Count Daily | Episode 6 Click Here To Subscribe For DAILY Car Count Daily Tips Straight To Your Inbox TRANSCRIPTION: As most of you probably are well aware, the iPhone is the dominant player in the market, so more people have iPhones than most other phones. Argue with me on numbers, but there are a crap-load of iPhones out there. I want to talk about what's happening on the iPhone and how you can use it to your advantage to get more customers to your shop. There is this app on here, and hopefully you can see this, it's that, right there, it's that little map, it says underneath it, it says maps.That is the Apple Map app. There, I said it right, it's difficult to say. The Apple Map app. When, people are searching for local businesses to do business with and they have their iPhones, they're clicking that three and half times more than the Google Map. Google is the dominant map software but not on the iPhone. We know a lot of people have iPhones and three and a half times more people are searching using the Apple Map software that's on there.Now why is that important? Well let me go ahead and open up by phone again here, and show you why that's important. When, I click on that, if I type in auto-repair, which I did just before I started this video, look what's happening here. Can you see that? Can you see those start ratings underneath there? You can see that word Yelp right next to it. See, Apple is using Yelp for their review software. So, if you don't have a good review on Yelp happening for you, you're missing out on more business.Now, look, we always get into these wild conversations when I'm doing this live in front of auto-repair shop owners. They're telling me everything they think about Yelp, doesn't really matter, because if you're not playing ball with Yelp, and if you don't have a lot of really good reviews on Yelp, it's hurting you. Remember the majority of people are searching, for a new place to do business with, on mobile phones. More people use the Apple iPhone than others, and if they're using that, they're using the Apple Map app, which, is now showing only Yelp reviews.That's just something, I wanted to, no judgment on anything, I just want to let you know that, that's happening. If you're not paying attention to it, if you don't have really good Yelp reviews, it's definitely hurting you with iPhone users, of which, there are plenty of them. If you don't personally have an iPhone what I want you to do is go look and see what your shop looks like when somebody searches on an iPhone.Find somebody that's got an iPhone, type in auto-repair in your area and see how you look. See how you rank in there. If you rank really high, fantastic, you're probably getting a lot of calls that way. If you're ranked really low I guarantee you're missing out on a lot of business. Go check it out, do whatever you can to get as many great Yelp ratings as possible, so you get a lot of stars and you get a lot of phone calls.

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