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How do I handle a AMEX charge back?

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I received my first charge back today. Does anyone have experience with this?


The story:

Lady came in with a Volvo that ran poorly. We pulled the code and followed the diagnostic tree. The result was to replace the throttle body. I ordered a new throttle body from Volvo. After we installed this part the customer came in and used her AAA to tow it to a local foreign car specialist to have it programmed. We pick it up from the repair shop and brought it back to our shop so she could pick it up. 3 days later the car came back running poorly again. I called the shop that programmed it to see if they could add any tips. The technician then informed me that they use generic programming and the vehicle should be programmed by the dealer. I paid and towed it to a Volvo dealer. Next day we pick it up. After payment we went to the car and it wouldn't start. The Volvo tech came out and shook some wire and the car started. We drove it back to our shop and it was running poorly. I soon realized that I have no right or desire to mess with the God awful Volvo wiring. I paid once again to tow it to a different foreign car specialist. As of late last week the car was still there. Today I receive a pre charge back from AMEX for $1,230. I have until July 4th to send them my answer.


Any feedback would be appreciated.

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I have text's from her.


ME: Lisa, this is Jeff, manager of RI Tire and Service. I wanted to make sure our work on your Volvo went well. Everything OK?

Customer: Hi Jeff the car runs 100 percent better thanks for checking in I appreciate that

ME: Awesome I am happy for you. Have a great weekend.

Customer: Lisa, Call Jeff at the shop when you are free.

Me: Lisa. Before we change out the battery and alternator you must have these wire fixed. They are causing issues. The car runs great but after it sits all night it is hard to start until we wiggle the wires.

Customer: How much will that all cost?

ME: We need to find an automotive electrical shop. This is not something I feel comfortable doing. http://www.volvomechanics.com/volvoshops/rhode-island/

Customer: Thank you for your help do you know of anyone that could do this ?

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If you have the car she still has to pay to get it back. Just because they do a charge back doesnt mean a mechanics lien cant be filed on it, and now it must be paid in cash. Signed authorization will be your savior, hope you have it. The text show nothing about authorizing work.

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I hate to say it but sometimes you just have to write it off as a lesson learned. If they vehicle came in to be repaired and it left with the same issue then they have a legit gripe. Reasons like this are exactly why I charge diag time and take the time needed to make sure I can repair it and repair it correctly. Sucks, but it's happened to us all.

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1. Did she sign the CC slip?


2. If it was a phone order, did you enter it into the terminal as such?


We lost a chargeback because the person entering into the cc terminal did not put that it was a phone order. New laws with the chip reader machines are very different now. Our rep has told us "Never lie to the cc terminal."


3. Send in every piece of paperwork that will back you up.

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I agree with all of the above comments.


Did the customer sign the credit card receipt? This is golden.

Did the customer pay cc over the phone? (This is why we NEVER take cc payments made over the phone)


Do you still have possession of the vehicle? If so, file a mechanics lien plus storage fees.


Hope it all works out in your favor.





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Even if you win, be careful. This happened to me once. I won. Then a couple of months later I received a letter from AMEX stating that I didn't respond to a second challenge and because of that they were finding in favor of the customer. GRRRRR.

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