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Has anyone signed up with hirefrederick.com

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I've came across this website a few times hirefrederick.com suppose to bring in return customers and fill in your gap appointment spots anyone ever try this? What's your thoughts on it? 

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I haven't used them, but I can tell you that they're pretty good at marketing themselves. I see them everywhere I go online, so they're good at reaching their target audience. I have no idea if that translates into more cars and better customers for their clients.

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With the risk of sounding "pushy", why would you basically "contract" something like that out?? First of all, your shop isn't a restaurant. People eat 3x a day - and (if you're lucky) they get their car serviced every three months - and I'm sure you've got stories about some that have been much longer. 

But really. There's a few really simple thing you can do to get customers back - and make them more personal too. Here's a couple of examples that WORK. How do I know?? Private clients of mine use them all the time - and they wouldn't do it if it was nothing but HOT AIR. 

1) Customer Newsletter - MAILED - Yeah, I know... mail is dead, right? Not so fast. Would you publish a 4 page simple newsletter that returned thousands of dollars a month - each and every month - in business from repeat customers? Probably, right?
2) Text Message Marketing - There's 2 facts to consider here: A) Customers USUALLY don't even remember who, or where they got their last oil change done. Secondly, what do YOU do when your text message reminder goes off? You check the message, right? Great! You're just like 300 million other Americans. Fact is that text messages get read - and usually within minutes. 

3) Customer Referral Program - Not the "instant" car count fixer, but better quality customers. Why?? Because your good customers hang around people just like them. You know, birds of a feather... blah, blah. Well, it's true! 

The biggest issue is using SYSTEMS. That means is't almost automatically done - no matter what. And no, you don't have to waste a bunch of money doing it. I would be pleased to hear what YOUR specific problems are if you want to  pick up the phone and call me Toll Free at 888-772-2069 or drop me a line by clicking here 

Hope this helps!

Matthew Lee
"The Car Count Fixer"

Get "The Official Guide to Auto Service Marketing"

Fix Your Car Count in 17 Minutes... Guaranteed!

The Shop Owner's Unfair Advantage FREE Access

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