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  1. Hello All, I hope in these uncertain times that you all stay healthy and continue to thrive with your shops. Questions/needed guidance from the forum would greatly be appreciated. I currently have 1 mechanic that is salary. This mechanic takes on heavy line work for us. Removing and installing transmissions. Engine replacements. Things of that natue. I am adding another mechanic to my crew and wanted him to be on a more flag/possible performance pay plan to suit his style of work for daily jobs that would include maintenance work, brakes, tune ups, ETC. I was curious what pay p
  2. integritytrans


  3. Yes that would interest me as well Mark. Thank you!
  4. Thank you all for your response. I sided with paying them a fair hourly rate based upon all of your feedback. Thank you again Sent from my SM-N920P using Tapatalk
  5. Hello All, I am going to hire on a new technician in a few weeks here and it will be the first time I am considering paying them flag hours. I have adp payroll processing so they take care of all the taxes and things of that sort for all the employees that are hourly. With flag rate hours, how are the taxes taken out for this particular type of wages for the technicians weekly check? I would appreciate all the insight I can get that way when the time comes I am very prepared. Thanks again for your help Henry
  6. Due to this exact scenario we do not accept amex anymore. Hope it all works out
  7. Hello to all! I am the owner in my auto repair shop and also the service writer as well. At times I feel guilty in a way charging for the small things such as labor to install air filters or cabin filters, or to install batteries or to not charge an inspection fee especially if the customer is a previous customer. I know we must charge diagnostics fees and those sure to get charged as well, dont get me wrong. To what exact are you guys charging for every little thing? I know it is our right to, but is there a line drawn? Thanks in advance
  8. Hello all, I am wondering if any of you have had to put a price tag on your shop? To sell to a buyer or for any other possible reasons Did you ask for professional help to evaluate the worth of your business? I've heard of the multiply your sales equation but I'm not sure this would be the most accurate figure Thank you in advance Integrity transmission
  9. Every single month for the past five years we have grown and grown and grown. Business is great. But at the end of every month all the money that gets deposited into the bank account gets withdrawn. Whats some of the saving techniques or any type of tricks you all do to grow that rainy day fund? Thank you in advance
  10. How do you guys handle come backs? What kind of discipline do the technicians receive? How many come backs until you make adjustments or let the employee go?
  11. I wanted to reach out and say hello and thank all of you for your input on all of these wonderful topics in this forum. It's nice to know I am not alone out there when it comes to the struggles and the positive parts about being an auto shop owner. My name is Henry Villegas. My father and I started Integrity Transmission four years ago this past august. From the first year of just us two working in a 600 square ft facility to now being in a 3000 square ft facility we have came a long way. Lots of failures and successes along the way. And definitely dealing with lots of growing pains no

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