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  1. jaybazzi

    How to charge for on-line help

    I believe that should be figured in shop supplies
  2. Definitely irritating, I've tried my luck lately with Indeed.com but unfortunately I keep getting guys that want to look up customer complaints and possible causes. What happened to the real old school guys that automatically know what's going on with a vehicle from the symptoms described
  3. jaybazzi

    Gross Profit

    I won't concider tires part of my gross profit with repairs
  4. I've came across this website a few times hirefrederick.com suppose to bring in return customers and fill in your gap appointment spots anyone ever try this? What's your thoughts on it?
  5. jaybazzi

    Daily Car Count

    My shop is also different from yours but i would suggest when i get busy and majority of my clients come into our facility with out appointments, i inform them that there currently is a 30 minute wait or what ever. if i really have to i end up putting oil changes on the alignment rack when there isnt any alignments going on.