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Joe Marconi

Give your employees a progress report and watch them win

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Imagine two boys playing one-on-one basketball. They’re throwing the ball up, dribbling the ball, making moves, but not keeping score. Then one decides, “Hey let’s keep score.” What happens? We all know what happens. Both boys now play a lot harder; they pay more attention to their shots, they guard the other player with more intensity. They play with a goal in mind…the goal to win.


Your shop is no different. We all need to know how we are doing; what’s our score. If your employees don't know how they are doing, there is no incentive to win. And, it's not their fault. They don't know the score.


People are more productive when they receive feedback on how they are doing. Point out their accomplishments. Point out their progress. And most important, give everyone positive reinforcement.


One thing, don’t make everything about the numbers. If you work on the person and bring out their strengths, the rest will fall into place.


Show your employees their accomplishments, let them know their progress, and watch them win.


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