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I fired my service writer

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So about 3 weeks ago, I fired my service writer. Shop profitability was suffering due to too much discounting. He would let too much diagnostic time go uncharged. He was also of the mentality "well I wouldn't pay this much for this part" so he would discount the parts to a more "reasonable" level. After stressing the importance of hitting needed margin numbers, they were coming up slowly, but not fast enough. I finally had enough and let him go.


I replaced him with a tech I was training. He had most of his previous experience in sales, selling both cars and electronics, so I figured he would be a better fit at the front counter. So far, parts margins are up well over 10% (total, not an increase of), and more hours are on the books.


Best decision I've made yet in my business.


By the way, the previous service writer was me.


Margins still have a bit to go, but part of that is me still interjecting at times. I need to remove myself completely from the RO.


Moral of the story: If you're too much of a nice guy to charge what needs to be charged, get the hell off the front counter so you can make some money.

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