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  1. I see this more often as the days go. Customer igorance is getting worse and explaining the need for brake fluid flushes and coolant exchanges for the first time in a 200k mile car is very difficult. I usually explain the need for every required service on a customers car in their first visit and then plan with them when each one should be done. Even if a brake adjustment or cabin air filter may be necessary I don't push it and we usually plan these services for their next visit. We just changed a motor on a 2008 Dodge Charger because the genius never, I mean never did and oil change
  2. I don't think I could work for another person ever again, it pays the bills, some weeks I earn a sizeable profit, there isn't another business I want to own right now.
  3. We have all been there... I've asked people to no longer patronize my business because I saw that i was being used. Truth is that I regret those instances, I no longer take a defensive position and i treat everyone who calls or walks through the door as if they are my best customer. I've learned that from my dad who has been doing this successfully for 30 years.
  4. We use Cintas and I am very happy with the service, send me a message and I can get the the contact info for our rep.
  5. We are located in Queens, NY and this has been the slowest week of the year. Gas lines are effecting travel, parts companies don't have delivery drivers and customers are afraidto leave their houses. Its an absolute mess in NYC. Our other location is a Gulf Station and their has been a line 100 cars long even though we havent refueled yet. People have even gotten violent today. Were considering closing up for the day and restarting on Monday... Good luck to everyone dealing with the mess and sadness.
  6. Sounds like a very bitter dentist.. We have every right to charge for a professional service, the rate and basis of the charge is up to you. I charge for diagnosis when the diagnosis requires our scan tools, a smoke machine, ohm meter, etc... that charge is usually $45 (1/2 hour labor)
  7. I want to say first that i dont think there is one right answer to this question, every business and situation requires different standards. You need to find out what works best for you and how to remain profitable without taking advantage of anyone. In the case of my business every job and situation is different, we mark up dealer parts from 15 to 50% and aftermarket parts from 50% to 150%. Lesser expensive parts are marked up higher than more expensive items, but once again every job is different. Good luck
  8. $40k w/ install, warranty and the pit to make the lift flush mount.
  9. So I ended up ordering a Hunter Presto Alignment Machine w/ a Hunter RX10 lift.. Thanks for the help everyone.
  10. Hey Everyone, I am in the market for a new alignment machine for my shop... There are so many options out there and the price variance between brands is unreal. I have experience with the Hunter Hawkeye, but I don't think that what the machine does is justification for the price. What machines do you guys use? What lifts do you use? Is your alignment bay also used for other work when you are not doing alignments? The Atlas Edge 601 is a great price, but I don't know anyone that used it. Anyone here have any experience w/ it? I don't want to get something used even though
  11. How will you effectively market this idea? Are you using mailers, are your SA's relaying it to the customer, signage? Seasonal promotions can be a great tool if the right customer is reached.
  12. We currently use AllData for estimating and procedures.. were happy with it and never felt as if we were in need of any additional information other than what alldata offers. Do yourself a favor and stop guessing right away, you are hurting your business.
  13. The backyard mechanic will eventually disappear or raise his rates. I treat all my customers and potential customers fairly so that they return or that they remember that I am here if ever they need my service.
  14. Hey everyone, My name is Joe and I have been a lurker around here for some time. I love the forum, I find the members here to be quite helpful and the information and discussions to be useful. I own a 3 bay shop in Queens NY that I recently took ownership of, but has been in my family for 15 years. We have a solid reputation in our area and work on all makes and models with no real specialty. My family also owns two other shops in our area, one in which we owned for 25 years and the other for 35. I look forward to talking with everyone on here. -Joe

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