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  1. How many different types of bulbs should I be stocking? Is there any kind of bulk way to buy them where I can get everything at once? Trying to implement an inspection process where we check bulbs, wipers, etc and upsell this stuff. How many different types of wipers would you say to carry?
  2. I am running a tire shop, but we also do some auto repairs. I hope to eventually do a lot of repairs, but right now we're only doing a few here and there. My question is this- how do I get a scanner for my mechanic without spending thousands and thousands of dollars. Our last mechanic had a $4000 scanner, and now we had to fire him for stealing money, so I am about to hire a new guy. I'm wondering how I can get this done without spending a ton of money. We are cash flow NEGATIVE right now, so I gotta get it done cheap. I've seen stuff on the internet for $100, are these any good? What would you recommend? thanks guys for the advice.
  3. Thanks for the info guys. Great forum you have here. Tons of great info.
  4. Hey guys I just opened a shop about 2 months ago. Business was really slow at first, but it's starting to pick up a bit. My question is, what book or service are you guys using to quote hours on a job. We've been just taking a guess so far, but my mechanic wants to get this service that tells you what amount of hours a job takes, and it's like $500 a month. I just can't afford it right now, since we are not breaking even yet. Would love to know what you would suggest.

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