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Joe Marconi

Technician Report Cards

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We started something new at my shop about six months ago that is having an unexpected positive result. For years I have reviewed the previous week with the techs. I inform them of their productivity hours, comebacks, any commissions earned, etc. But I never really gave them a formal written report. Six months ago I created a simple report card with key performance number: Productivity hours, commissions earned, comebacks and their ranking in the shop. They get this report at the end of the month. The two numbers they focus on is the comeback number and their ranking in the shop. When they see “zero” next to the comeback line, they feel elated.


We all like to know how we are doing and how we stand among our peers. By the way, this report is private. Only the tech knows his numbers and his ranking, unless he opts to share it with the other techs. Another benefit, technician comebacks have gone down to near zero. I guess when they see it in black and white and know there is a formal record, it has a bigger impact.

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