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  1. Since I am no longer affiliated with AAA I don't know all the particulars, but local shops that are AAA approved have recently received notice that the program is changing. There is a whole new set of rules and requirements to participate. During my conversations with other owners, their biggest concerns are a discount is now mandatory and they now require you to agree to begin work on AAA customers vehicles within 1 hour of wrecker drop off! There are other requirements but they escape me now.
  2. We have been recieving this call 2-3 times a week for the last 1.5 years. It is almost always an Escalade that is to be towed from out of state. This issue for me is I, and I have instructed my advisors to play the game until the time we are sure its a scam call. This can take 4-5 minutes due to the typing and response time. I am always afraid I may act to quickly and terminate a legitimate call. I instruct me employes to inquire immediatly as to the make of vehicle and its location. If its an Escalade or its out of topwn, terminate the call by stateing that we are unable to take paymernts by
  3. Dave, I have some ideas for you as I too am an Auto Care Center owner and have used Tracs for 7 years now and i am very happy with the product. I am on vacation right now (OK guys, no bagging on me for being on here during vacation) but I will respond in depth when I get the time. In the meantime, at least do this, call your NAPA store and ask them to set your list price on all lines at 50% profit margin in their TAMS system. This will get you much closer to your goal and when you update an estimate the newly set list prices will apply. Hope this helps Curt
  4. We always charge more money when additional labor is required. We use Specialty Products (Oriellys carries them in our area) and their catalog has a fairly accurate labor guideline for every product the sell. When asked to cost for alignment our answer is always " Our base alignment is XX.XX which allows us to make corrections to all alignment angles that were made adjustable from the factory. If your vehicle requires kits,cams or shims to fine tune the alignment, those will be extra". This usually opens new dialogue about what a kit, cam or shim does and allows myself or my adviser to put o
  5. Joe, Congratulations on your decision. Please keep us advised on the progress of your mission. I have been contemplating a similar move starting with another technician and then another service adviser. The problem we face is a problem some would love to have. Myself and my adviser average 40-50 incoming phone calls a day, between the 2 of us. If we are heavy on service and I have to go into production, he has to field those calls himself along with writing estimates, calling customers, ordering parts and playing cashier. Processes need to be changed to aid in the flow of work through the s
  6. WOW, where do I start. Do yourself a favor and ditch the 9.95 oil change idea. If cheap customers are what you are after this kind of promotion will get you just that. I just returned from the Vision High Tech Expo in KC this evening. I attended 3 days of some fantastic management and marketing training. The first thing I can advise you is this, get some training. It is available through your parts vendors. I know for a fact that NAPA, Carquest and Oriellys have training available for either free or at very reasonable prices. These training options are usually in CD or Tape form and on the in
  7. Here is one that I like. The sale most often goes to the most interested party --Steve Chandler 100 Ways to Motivate Yourself
  8. is back from training at Vision. Man are the guys going to hate to see me tomorrow :)

  9. Welcome, as a new business owner you have stumbled into a potential gold mine of information here. There are many learned people on this site who will be happy to help you any way we can. Your question started me a thinkin...............what did I do for advertising when I had a new business and a limited advertising budget. In the early days we used to have a local printing company ( not many personal computers around way back in 85) print a one page flier or door hanger with a special offer. Next, I would contact a local group such as a Boyscout troop, church youth group or a similar group
  10. Hogan Muffler & Brake is a family owned and operated business that has been serving the Topeka and surrounding areas for the past 25 years. Don't let our name fool you. We offer a complete menu of auto services for your car, light truck or SUV. We even have a 30,000 lb lift to accommodate your commercial truck or motorhome. From factory scheduled maintenance and timing belt replacement to the most complete brake and steering and suspension service, we are here to keep you safe, satisfied and mobile. Stop by and see us today at Hogan Muffler and brake, where good enough is never good enough!
  11. This has been a very trying question for me for years. I will quote standard services. Services for which I have standard costs. Oil changes, tire rotations, fluid flushes etc. are services I will quote. Brake jobs, and even exhaust work we try not to quote by phone. Does that mean we never quote these services? Of coarse not. There are those who you will never get to your door without quoting a price of some kind. I spend thousands of dollars to make my phone ring, why would I alienate even one potential new client because some management guru says never quote price? So give them one, only as
  12. We were never told for sure but when I originally asked the 3 investigators, one of them said "the EPA has people who surf the web looking for violators" I have a website where I sell performance exhaust components for GM Supercharged V6 cars. All 27 violations were catalytic converters part numbers we sell on our site. That why we think the website was target but it makes no sense due to the fact that I am not the largest player in this market . Nor do I get the exposure this competitor does. However if he were to alert the EPA he would be self reporting because he sells off road pipes whi
  13. OK guys, I have to admit that this story not only alarms me, it makes me more than a little PO'd. This is liable to get a little long winded but please bear with me while I explain. The bait and switch portion I understand and I totally agree with BAR. Moreover my upbringing tells me that practices such as these are not only illegal, they are wrong? Legally, morally and ethically wrong..............period. The part that alarms me is that, even though these stores were found guilty of actions that go against everything I know and everything I am, the bait and switch was not the only issu
  14. I must chime in here. I have been using Garys soap along with his other products for about 5 years now. The brake rotor hone and rotor conditioning spray are two products my brake techs will not be without. I must admit that we use the soap to wash each newly machined rotor but have not tried it as a way to clean prior to starting service. Is that what you suggest Gary?

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