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  2. Uniform companies suck! I have used 2 major company's rip my lips off. Poor service, constant rate increases etc.. 3 year contracts, iron clad in their favor. I finally just bought all of my employees uniforms and rags. I give the employees their uniforms and they are responsible for washing them. Zero problems. Everybody shows up dressed for work in clean cloths. I throw the rags away when they are done. I cut my uniform costs by 60-70%.
  3. I have used AutoVitals and Bolt On. Bolt on is miles ahead of AV in my opinion. Bolt On is much more intuitive and easier to implement, especially if you use Mitchell.
  4. When I worked for a large dealer chain, the bean counters claimed it cost about $350 to acquire a new customer. With that in mind $100 would be cheap, especially since it is not $100 in actual cost. On the other hand if you have wronged a good customer, it would be a sound business decision to spent up to $350 to keep a customer, if that's what it would take to make them happy, whole and keep them coming back. If I could get 20 new customers a month for 2 grand I would do it in a heartbeat. I spend 1500-2000 a month in advertising with no guarantee of getting a single customer from it.
  5. $80 for maintenance.$105 General. $115 for Euro. $121 if customer supplies the parts. Peoria Az.
  6. https://snapfinance.com/ I just got set up with these guys. No real credit check (they do not do a hard pull on their credit report, good if they do not want an inquiry). You need to have a checking account and at least $1000 a month income. They claim about an 80% approval rate. 12 month loan with 100 days same as cash. $39 application fee if approved. The down side is up to 98% interest if you don't pay it off in 100 days. They also take 4% of the ticket. Basically you need to make sure your customer can pay it off in 100 days and they make arrangements with Snap to do so. It's just an
  7. Try cutting way back on your discounts first. There is no reason to give away work. $80 sounds more than reasonable. I would start with the friends and family. If they are really friends and family they should be coming to you regardless.
  8. Worldpac has R134a on sale for $99 currently. I get $12.99 a lb. Same price the customer can buy it from Autozone.
  9. As I understand it. Yes they must punch in and out. 2 reasons. 1) Workmans comp. 2) As of this year you have to start paying sick pay. You need to keep track of their hours worked as sick pay is accrued over the hours they work. You do not have to pay them overtime for flat rate. You must make sure they make at least minimum wage ($10 per hour). This would be subject to overtime if they work more than 40 hours a week (another reason for them to punch in and out). You probably need to see if ADP offers HR services. In most cases it is money well spent.
  10. Take the time now to get some auto management training. Do it now or it's not going to happen. This was the biggest mistake I made. I started out the same way you did, same plan, no debt, only employee etc.. If you do not know what numbers you need and how to get them it will be a long and painful road. There are a number of different companies out there that will help you (read, take your money). Do your due diligence in researching them and choose the one that fits you best. I would advise partnering with a parts distributor, NAPA etc.. You will be able to offer nationwide warranties as wel
  11. What would Jefferson say about this? #1 Air Transportation Taxes (just look at how much you were charged the last time you flew) #2 Biodiesel Fuel Taxes #3 Building Permit Taxes #4 Business Registration Fees #5 Capital Gains Taxes #6 Cigarette Taxes #7 Court Fines (indirect taxes) #8 Disposal Fees #9 Dog License Taxes #10 Drivers License Fees (another form of taxation) #11 Employer Health Insurance Mandate Tax #12 Employer Medicare Taxes #13 Employer Social Security Taxes #14 Environmental Fees #15 Estate Taxes #16 Excise Taxes On Comprehensive Health Insurance Plans #17 Feder
  12. I never charge more than dealer list. Same goes with aftermarket parts. It's the whole perception thing. I mean really, why should anyone go to an independent when they are charging more than the dealer? The only advantage we offer in most cases over the dealer is price. it's not worth it to me to take a chance losing a customer over a few percentage points. Dealer parts are only about 15-20 percent of my parts sales. It's just not worth it to me.

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