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  1. Robert Gould

    New Shop Marketing

  2. That's one of the best things I've heard from a shop owner. I think you are absolutely right, Jay. When I had my shop, that's exactly the way we did things and the results were fantastic. I've always thought cars/trucks have energy attached to them. Not a soul, but something. Strange as it sounds, I honestly believe it's real. That said, taking your approach will definitely improve everything from customer "be backs" going down, RO increases and better morale...not to mention an increase in referrals. Use the words "keeping your vehicle/car/truck HEALTHY though...not ALIVE. Think about it. It's a great approach. Best of luck!
  3. Way to GROW, Matt!


  4. The post office (USPS.com) has a program called "Every Door Direct Mail" which is on their website and it not only allows you to pick out specific subdivisions, but the postage goes down to 17 cents even for a huge 8.5 X 11 postcard. Traditionally, the 6X11" postcards are the most bang for your buck. The EDDM mailing program is pretty cool. It's a little tricky to locate it on their website but you'll find it. Then you can type in the zipcode you want to look in and you can pick areas by "carrier route" within the zipcode...which will show you the streets and therefore the subdivisions. If you want to know more about it, feel free to contact me. Robert Gould 760-652-5360 ImageOneAds.com
  5. Hi Harry. You're absolutely right...design is critical...even WITH the right offers. That's where we shine. Our design isn't cheap, but it's a tested formula we have used for 20 years. If you look at our portfolio section on ImageOneAds.com, you'll see some samples under the postcard category. You can check out Matt Motley's comments on here about the effectiveness of the cards. He says "the majority of his customers are coming in from the cards." We had Wharton Business School in Philadelphia test our graphics "formula" years ago and found our designs pulled an average 400% better than any of the others. Our printing prices are the same, but we offer a thicker card stock (16pt) on premium paper with a heavy UV coating (super high gloss plastic look), which GotPrint doesn't offer. I can send you some samples if you want. Just let me know.
  6. Hi Harry. Feel free to check out www.ImageOneAds.com and look at the portfolio section. I'm a former shop owner that has been doing branding, graphics and postcard marketing for shops around the U.S for the last 25 years. If you're thinking about using EDDM postcards, your postage is the same up to a huge 8.5X11 piece. That's a whole lot of ad "real estate" for 17 cents postage. We have found the best results with cards that are 6X11" and we recommend mailing 5000 at a time with no expiration date on the offers. If I can answer any questions for you, just give me a call. There's no charge for advice. Robert 800-536-3030
  7. Robert Gould

    Increase Your Car Count

    Thanks for the good words, Matt! If anybody else wants to know how to do postcard mailings that really kick butt, please contact me. I've been doing Matt's for two years and he's growing. Postcards (done properly) work very, very effectively and the ROI is excellent. There are too many "marketing" companies out there selling postcards that have no clue. You can reach me at [email protected] or call me at 800-536-3030. To see samples, go to www.imageoneads.com and look at Postcard Designs under the portfolio tab. My name's Robert.