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  1. How many of you have a four bay shop ? If you do how many techs do you have ? What is your average sales weekly , monthly ? What do you spend in advertising ? What was your sales in 2017 ? I am using this shop as a guide for those who would like to follow and see real time progress. For those interested just answer the questions so you and I can see what your strong points and if and where you may have areas for improvement.
  2. Stevens Automotive Service

    "Opportunity Generators" Wolf in Sheeps Clothing

    Run your business. Don't fall for everything your here just because someone said it is the way to go ! I have heard total BS from self proclaimed gurus time after time.
  3. After looking and reading some posts Here are some quick answers to some of them. Charging for Diagnostic time... Absolutely and is easy done. Fleet Customers.. Absolutely if you have the man power and shop to handle them. Be careful , you can loose them if your not equipped to support the amount of work. Do your homework. Damage and misfortune to a customers vehicle while in your care... If it's your fault just fix it. If not assess and address it quickly, the sooner the better. Know your Business not just part of it... Know it inside and out. Knowing your fixed cost is a must. Spend Wisely ..It takes money to make money keep it balanced , don't invest without returns. Advertise Wisely....Quick example : If you are around a large place of business where people work , Hospital, Shopping Mall, Manufacturing Plant Etc there are just a few suggestions of gaining customers for next to nothing cost, to attain those customers. A promotion on a business size card and NO, you don't have to discount a thing. Dealing with employees ..On cell phones , drugs etc whatever you don't address you condone! Hope this helps Need help with anything, I am a phone call or email away ! Dan Stevens Stevens Automotive Services
  4. Stevens Automotive Service

    Almost done with ATI

    Make sure you are coached in business, the complete business, not just one side of it. You should receive coaching in every aspect of your business period.
  5. Stevens Automotive Service

    Article: If You Think Your Shop is a Business, This Article May Surprise You

    Most of these techs turned shop owners own their job, not a business. It's a very difficult transition to make going from technician to business owner. Like damn near impossible, which is why the vast majority never make it Very well stated John Anderson and Joe Marconi. You must learn business to be successful. You can blast through your loans and or life savings very quickly if you do not make smart decisions. Own your business not your job!
  6. If you have ever thought about shop management and training for your business now is the time. Make 2018 profitable and with a lot less stress. For ASO members that are serious about business and becoming the shop of choice in your area then lets get started. Business coaching and training for your auto repair business. Real world one on one training for your business as all shops are different with different needs and markets. Cost is 100.00 a week for a 1 year program for serious owners only that want to build a business. Contact me for details and make 2018 all it can be. Email [email protected] Website http://stevensauto.shop/
  7. Stevens Automotive Service

    Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family
  8. Stevens Automotive Service

    Another wonderful experience with Elite

    Not everyone charges the same way.
  9. Just wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year ! I hope your 2018 will be a great one. I have a very special offer for all ASO members that want to get there business profitable in the upcoming year. If interested let me know and I hope you and yours have a great holiday season. Dan Stevens
  10. If you have been thinking about Shop Management and Training and been shocked by the investment LOOK AGAIN ! I have a few openings for 2018 that will enable you to have the top quality training your looking to receive to grow your business. Management Training, Front Counter Training, Tech Training from the front to the back of your business I work together with you to grow your business making you stand out and be the go to facility in your reach of business. If you have questions contact me and we will work together to achieve goals you and your business deserve. Looking forward to speaking with you about increasing profits, training staff, and making your business the best it can be. Make 2018 a great year ! Dan Stevens Stevens Automotive Services
  11. Stevens Automotive Service

    Customer frustrations

    Shops are different for example a specialty shop doing just transmission repair is going to have different closing numbers as a general repair shop. What ever you do keep it honest show them what they need, will need in the future, and let them know what is good about there vehicle. Letting them know what is looking good always will help make there decision on what the need is now. As far as training being expensive it sure doesn't have to be. Good luck in 2018 Keep it real ,know your numbers , train your employees well run your business like a business !
  12. Take a look at this short video on marketing to the new generation. You may find it very interesting ! https://www.concentrix.com/resource/video/we-are-not-all-broke/
  13. I hope that everyone is having a good 2017 and as we all know time goes very quickly! The new year is fast approaching and changes are coming this year in many ways to the business. I have talked to many of you and I just want to say there are some great people on this site. For those of you who are running your business to its full potential keep it up , build towards that retirement, spend time with family ENJOY ! If you need help it is only a PM, email, text or a phone call away so you can do the same. Keep building your business in the up coming year, think outside the box. 1) Manage what you have. Make sure your getting all you can get out of what you have. 2) Be a smart business owner look at overhead, parts cost, etc and streamline it. 3) Relieve that unwanted stress. Been there done that its no fun but it can be drastically reduced. What was your best business move in 2017 where you seen a upward move in profit?
  14. Stevens Automotive Service

    Customer frustrations

    Spencer What percentage is this happening 20% 50% ? Is this happening when they come in for a LOF service ? What brand and what price did sam's shoot him for a battery ? I think your frustration can be handled very easily and land more sales.
  15. Stevens Automotive Service

    Finally opening the shop

    Good Luck Treat them great and you will always be busy very quickly