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  1. If you have been thinking about Shop Management and Training and been shocked by the investment LOOK AGAIN ! I have a few openings for 2018 that will enable you to have the top quality training your looking to receive to grow your business. Management Training, Front Counter Training, Tech Training from the front to the back of your business I work together with you to grow your business making you stand out and be the go to facility in your reach of business. If you have questions contact me and we will work together to achieve goals you and your business deserve. Looking forward to speaking with you about increasing profits, training staff, and making your business the best it can be. Make 2018 a great year ! Dan Stevens Stevens Automotive Services
  2. Customer frustrations

    Shops are different for example a specialty shop doing just transmission repair is going to have different closing numbers as a general repair shop. What ever you do keep it honest show them what they need, will need in the future, and let them know what is good about there vehicle. Letting them know what is looking good always will help make there decision on what the need is now. As far as training being expensive it sure doesn't have to be. Good luck in 2018 Keep it real ,know your numbers , train your employees well run your business like a business !
  3. Take a look at this short video on marketing to the new generation. You may find it very interesting ! https://www.concentrix.com/we-are-not-all-broke/
  4. I hope that everyone is having a good 2017 and as we all know time goes very quickly! The new year is fast approaching and changes are coming this year in many ways to the business. I have talked to many of you and I just want to say there are some great people on this site. For those of you who are running your business to its full potential keep it up , build towards that retirement, spend time with family ENJOY ! If you need help it is only a PM, email, text or a phone call away so you can do the same. Keep building your business in the up coming year, think outside the box. 1) Manage what you have. Make sure your getting all you can get out of what you have. 2) Be a smart business owner look at overhead, parts cost, etc and streamline it. 3) Relieve that unwanted stress. Been there done that its no fun but it can be drastically reduced. What was your best business move in 2017 where you seen a upward move in profit?
  5. Customer frustrations

    Spencer What percentage is this happening 20% 50% ? Is this happening when they come in for a LOF service ? What brand and what price did sam's shoot him for a battery ? I think your frustration can be handled very easily and land more sales.
  6. Finally opening the shop

    Good Luck Treat them great and you will always be busy very quickly
  7. Service Advisor Performance

    What is your labor repair order average ? How many techs do you have ?
  8. Military Discount

    First off in your zip code you have a military population of (web provided info) close to 25%. One quarter of your phone quotes are, or could be asking for that discount. When you are talking to them working up a price somewhere in the conversation ask them if there military so you can work that into your price quote. Here again is my point on the statement that is made so many times " We don't want the discount shopper in our shop" In this area you would be saying I don't need 25% of my customer base coming to my shop !! Work with your tire distributor, parts store , get creative , do something your competition is not to get these customers a reason to come to you and after a short while, price will have nothing to do with why they come to you. As those pilots would say " you are in a target rich environment " With tire rebates etc you have to work with you could be very creative in offers and not give up anything and gain customers.
  9. Military Discount

    Ok, Give me a scenario on a customer coming in and on what they are looking for a discount on. I may be able to help you in showing the customer a discount without effecting your margin that you need in making a win win for both.

    Really ! If you don't someone else will and your right, you won't see them again! Time and time again I hear in this site "They just want a discount" they are not the kind of customer we want !! I would suggest you change your mind set. Just because a customer has been programmed to seek discounts doesn't make them a bad customer. Every business offers some kind of marketing pitch that, in the customers eyes, is a discount. DEAL WITH IT !! And how YOU DEAL WITH IT can get you a lot of good repeat customers. Yes customers that trust you, spend money with you ,listen to you etc. You should ,or have a staff of advisers that should be able to overcome this and in the process gain a customer. Your competition is changing rapidly in 2018 as small lube shop chains are starting to do brakes, tires, etc. That's right your gravy work, and that's just the beginning. There are a lot of changes getting ready to be rolled out in 2018. Be innovative, smart and never judge a book by it's cover it could cost you more that ever. How do you deal with that type of customer ? I hope in the future it is with doing smart business.
  11. It is time to get serious about 2018. This could be your year to get to where you need to be. Get ahead of industry and weather changes by acting now. Market your shop in both, call to action and branding your business all at the same time, all year long. Having a program for any size shop in marketing and management, training your staff in sales, customer service etc. We can get it done for a small investment that produces big returns. You can be the number one go to shop in your market. Contact me for a no cost consultation.
  12. Christmas marketing

    There are many organizations that do ,Toy Drives etc. This is a great way to help others and get your business brand name out there. For example get a toy drive together at your shop call TV , radio stations and tell them what you have going on and it will get you TV and Radio time for free if you do it right. Great exposure and community involvement. I have had shops do this and it works great. The next months are the toughest it's time to get your name out there. Big companies have already set a budget and are working on the 2018 year campaign as all of you should be. Better now than later !!

    Shops that are successful , market in some way. You must let people know your out there. Sure your repeat customers are great but if you stagnate yourself and think you can just rely on them you will soon die out. Always take care of your existing customers but ALWAYS, seek new customers and market wisely. In your business, as in all local shop business. Your customer base comes from a very local area so pinpoint your marketing to your reach. Let your name be known in that arena. I don't care if there are dealerships around you , that in its self can be a good thing if you approach it in the correct way, the traffic can work to your advantage ! As you know franchises have huge budgets for marketing due to they have a large area to cover you don't, so invest wisely in your area and become better known than they are. Start out with impact marketing and blend it with branding and YOU will see the difference. For what some of you invest in coupons and mailers you could get RADIO, TV, FACEBOOK VIDEOS and a list of others. Be smart in 2018 and start making the money you should. Be sharp in management and marketing and you will see a big difference.

    Jeffrey I would hold this in your shop. It brings awareness to your business and what you have to offer.
  15. I as always, hope everyone is doing good and operating where they need to be. As we all well know this business can be tough at times. If your not at your shops full potential do you know why? What are you doing to overcome the issue ? I would really like to get your thoughts. We all know the tech shortage, the dealer, etc. I like yourself, have no special powers or any kind just different out looks. I came from the same place your are now an AUTO REPAIR BUSINESS OWNER. Lets here some thoughts!!