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    Stevens Automotive Services
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    4424 Blackstone Dr, Indianapolis, Indiana, 46237
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    Marketing to Auto Shops
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    Shop Coaching
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    GM and Allison certified
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    Providing shop owners with Shop Management and Marketing that produces Guaranteed returns on there investment.

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  1. I hope your feeling better. I haven't talked to you in a while.   

    1. xrac


      I survived. 

  2. Glad to hear your doing good retired lol. Have you done or been to and races ?
  3. Very good advise Joe. Get the most out of what you have first. Explain what they need now and what to be budgeting for in the near and distant future always building that personal relationship CONTANTLY ! I can guarantee if you build this type of business relationship with your customers in a few visits to your shop they will lay there keys on the counter and say fix it It happens with every shop I work with and it amazes them. I smile and say, its just being a people person and we are in the people business. Services advisers should be talking to the customer to become there friend and extract information. Put a comment in the customer info on what he or she likes from your conversation and you will be very happy in the return you will receive. I have always said a service advisor is NOT a sells people but a problem solver. Solve there problems and be friendly. Always ask to set up there next appointment ,as Joe stated everyone does it.

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