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  1. best ROI for advertising

    I sent you a PM Dave I need information on YOUR specific needs so I can tell you the why and how. Anyone can tell you something to do but if it doesn't work for you its worthless.
  2. best ROI for advertising

    You need to be effective in marketing. Pinpoint your marketing to get the best results. Know the difference between CTA (Call to Action) and Branding and do both effectively. One is short term and one is long term. Blend the two types and you will become very successful.
  3. Fleet pricing

    When taking on a fleet customer make sure you can get the work out. As they can be a very good source of revenue you will lose them very quickly if you can't deliver.
  4. How many of you have ever done a seminar in your shop for your customers and potential customers in your community ? Discussing maintenance, repair etc. This can be a great way to gain awareness for your business in your community and build relationships.
  5. As an old school tech I always went for the WHY it failed. If you replaced it and didn't see the reason that it failed, you didn't fix anything ! Be it your tech or you the business owner it is still the same. If you don't see the WHY it will never get fixed. I see everybody talk about what he or she is doing and not focusing on what they should be doing. Some say it's free... Have you ever went to a Casino and heard the word free? NO they say "we will comp you". What they are really saying is , I am going to give you this to get a whole lot of what's in your pocket! They didn't build those huge buildings on winners. When you walk in and the carpet on the floor would make you nauseous if you stared at it, that is for a reason. So you look at eye level at all the pretty lights and machines. Marketing is a Science ! Being a Business Owner is a Science ! Dealing with Customers is a Science! DISCOUNTING A 19.95 oil ad is a discount. Free is a down right give a way. I never run an ad like that, WHY ? Because I can market customers in by other ways and yes it evolves oil but at the same time not making your shop a discount shop. I am telling you that in the upcoming year the manufactures are getting very aggressive in retaining there customers for there service departments. There is no reason you can get aggressive with your service business as well. You can have that one ,two year old vehicle in your shop as well by doing the right thing. You have a tighter area of marketing than they do. If you focus on your area and do the right kind of marketing and managing your business, you will also thrive. You can do the same effective marketing with your budget to gain new and keep the customers you have coming back to your business time and time again. Yes you can have the videos, the campaigns etc just like a huge service department but you scale it to what you can handle. Here is a good quote I heard that makes good sense Everyone on Earth is walking around life wearing an invisible sign that says, "Make me feel important." And your job is to understand the size of the font of this invisible sign and how brightly it's lit. So it's our job to read that sign and to deliver the experience that that person needs. GIVE THEM YOUR STORY and GIVE THEM THE WHY THEY SHOULD BE YOUR CUSTOMER !!
  6. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    This is the problem with most shops! Don't put the cart before the horse. First get your cost of doing business down. Then market. You don't have to discount a thing when marketing BUT you DO have to show a customer the WHY SHOULD THEY COME TO YOU feature and benefit and that is easily done. You can do this with the cost of business cards and very short investment of your time. Nothing ends up in the trash, lost in the mail etc. You track it when that customer brings in the card and gives you the opportunity to make them a client for life. Framingham Auto you have a lot of potential in your area. Winter is coming BE PREPARED !! FILL THE RACKS !
  7. It all boils down to ambition and attitude. Have the attitude to show up and the ambition to learn.
  8. Very true statement Joe. When I was teaching in a classroom setting I would ask my entire class. " Raise your hand if you were told that you weren't smart enough for college and you would have a better chance in a trade school" It was sad but 90% of the hands went up every time. We as an industry have to change that mindset and schools need to screen better. This is a major issue as most not all, only care about the money they get per student, and not the product they are turning out.. You have to show up or I can't teach and you can't learn. You have got to know how it works or you will never be able to repair it. Out of 30 students in a class only about 5 or so students I would recommend for a entry level tech. There attendance, good attitude, how they worked with there tools, and if they could follow instructions. If they could do that, they had a shot.
  9. Make it your business that gains customers and profit. To be the best in your area. If you have thought about having a shop management and marketing service but didn't think you could afford the investment ? WRONG !! Now you can have what the multi-million dollar clients have with a fraction of the investment of what other coaching ,management and marketing companies require. Yes a fraction !! Our clientele is some of the top performing dealerships and automotive businesses around. Join them in success. I developed this service so independent shop owners can get affordable management, coaching, staff training and marketing to there shop. Consultation is no charge. PM , send me a email or visit the website. I know you will be amazed ! http://stevensauto.shop
  10. Advice needed

    Explain to him he is doing the customer a disservice by not informing them of there needs. If they need it they need it. I had the owner recheck and he found the ball joints had significant play present. If they are in need of replacement , replace , you are helping the customer not pressuring them. THIS WILL DESTROY YOUR SHOP AND REPUTATION VERY QUICKLY !! I take it you are the manager and there is a owner present? You need to get with him and take care of this right now ! Has this tech been with you for a while? On a scale of 1-10 what kind of tech has he been to this point ? Is he having issues in or outside of work making this tech act this way? Only you can answer these questions you know the tech better that any of us do. Again what ever you do you must do it very quickly. If he is trainable, train him, if not you have no choice!
  11. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    That is a good question ! Lets work with the number 8500.00 . Could take more, could be less, as in TV and Radio there are time slots that cost more but have more of a audience. Doing TV and Radio you have to do it very carefully in how many times and in where you want it to be placed, in what slots. For example news and sports are watched live more than some other programming so it's better to have it here than someone fast forwarding your money. If you do decide this type of advertising I suggest you get a hold of your local TV stations as they all have local news and local shows following the news that talks about whats going on in your local community. You can most likely get on a segment for no cost and it gets you a lot of free exposure. This would be your time to shine. When I take on a client we always work hand in hand ,one on one to work on the most cost effective way to market. We start with a call to action if you need more cars to work on and right in with the branding process. The call to action or OMG car count LOL cost the shop 20.00 per new customer never discounting a thing and never ending up in a trash can. That 20.00 is only a cost when the customer comes to you to get acquainted with your shop so stop throwing away money !! Always put a use before date to create urgency 30,60,90 days get them in and show them what you have to offer. I am going to be very honest some of you spend WAY to much in dead advertising. Be very calculating in your marketing. So to answer your question you can get a good amount of air time with local stations for 8500.00. Would have to do a lot more research as far as how many customers you could possibly gain (your location etc) lots of things come into play. Also this kind of marketing is called branding ,do it for the long term effect not a shot term fix. Test it out like I described above. Yes 425 pre paid client visits is a good thing along with 568.00 ARO what was your Car Count ? Fall is here and if you want to get a jump on the rest of 2017 and make 2018 the best year yet , contact me, be glad to help. Shop Management and Marketing is less investment than a some of you spend in mailers , and much more effective as it pays for itself over and over and over !!
  12. The 4th quarter is here. I am hoping you are having a good year. If your down on sales lets make this last stretch of this year a good one. Carry it into 2018. There are some shop owners in here doing 2M a year and my hat is off to them because, I know from experience what they had to go through to get there and it's not easy and there is no instant gratification, it is all hard work and making good business decisions, building a great reputation and relationships with there customers. This site is your group 20 ! Just a suggestion but before you go spending money on marketing, mailers, etc that discounts service and bring in what everyone calls "the wrong breed of customer" , gets you a very low return on investment and so on. Lets take a look at 1) How many customers do you have to work with in a average month ? Do you have enough and are not getting the most out of them or do you need more of them? 2) Are you training your front counter to ask questions and become there friend and problem solver or are they scripted to say the same thing over and over . Advisors are not salespeople they are problem solvers ! When they solve the problem they will get the sale. I am not saying to leave things out when talking to the customer, just make it more personal. 3) Are you buying your parts right ?? From your oil to engines whatever you get are you buying wholesale? I am betting you could save a lot of money here. 4) Do you have techs that are doing a good job making money for them and you, it's a team effort always has been always will be. Again this is intended for the small to medium shops to just take a look and see if you can gain with what you have. I see there is a lot of advice out here some good, and some not so good. Be smart, do you homework and be successful. Good Luck, I am here to help.
  13. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    I agree with you both but there has to be more that we don't know or I think he would have done it !!
  14. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    Here is the point I am trying to make. Good info in means good info out ! He has 300.00 he needs 1200.00 more to get this car in good shape and, you get full boat for the repair. After that he has a car we can start servicing and making repairs as needed so it doesn't get in this shape again correct? So ! I take it he seemed like a good guy someone you would like as a customer? He has 300.00 ! Mr Customer here at (shop name inserted) we want to help you in anyway we can (tried financing etc) as we want all our customers to drive a car they can depend on to take them where ever they need to go. What we don't want you to do is have you spent your money and drive away and still have (said issues) springs struts along with the hub bearing due to repairing one said issue is not doing you good justice then explain reason springs are broken due to struts, ride height is altered now because springs are broken handling is effected etc, and so on telling the truth in every word. You just built why he shouldn't go to a shade tree as he is thinking now again about his money. Mr Customer we can do this if you like. We can order the parts (I am sure they are right down the street and of course leaving a 250.00 to 300.00 deposit) If you want to do this as we want you as a valued customer. If he goes for it fine, if he is still on the fence (last ditch effort) last breath only !! I would most likely be able to get you a 10% discount on parts due to the fact its going to be a week or two (you set a time table, you became his friend by helping him out above and beyond) you will be surprised how people can come up with money at times of need. Talk to your vendor rep and get 10% off on these parts, your in business be assertive be innovative. At this point you did all you could , your not out a dime and you my gain a good customer !
  15. The $19.95 Oil Change Offer

    You did the right thing by not half stepping it. Honesty and ethics are a must. If it had the work that you described fixed, would it be a decent daily driver ? Do you think this would have been a customer for you IF, he had the money to do a full repair ? You know his income, financial situation, because you helped him try to get financing. Stay with me on this. I have many shops that made many new and good customers from situations like this one here.