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  1. AD & Son's

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    It is a large space, right location right price. There isn't a lot of buildings available. No one really complains about having too much room!
  2. AD & Son's

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    Thanks for the suggestions, XRAC the above tools are figured in. MSPEC I haven't looked into leasing equipment, I was just figuring on buying to try and keep my overhead as low as possible. I'll have to talk to the CPA about it. I was thinking the Autel scanner could do TPMS functions, more research is in order for me!
  3. AD & Son's

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    New member and new shop owner, sure am glad I found this site! Thought I would run my basic ideas by you guys and see what you think. I retired from the Marine Corps and I'm in this process of outfitting my shop. I'm not borrowing any money to fund the shop. I have enough money set aside to pay for the equipment and cover the overhead for the first year. I've got a 10,000 square foot shop on a major highway. I plan on doing tires, brakes, oil changes, exhaust, state inspections, and whatever else comes in. I don't plan on rebuilds or anything like that right away. I do plan on major projects for when times are slow. Mainly when I'm able to hire someone else. Right now it's just going to be me, but I think my Dad is coming to work the front with the customers. Luckily because of my retirement I don't have to draw a check from the shop, although it would be nice. For the time being I would rather use that money to pay someone elses salary if I can get enough cars in the door. I've got a website being built, a sign for the building, a CPA, insurance, and ATD for tires lined up. Shop equipment consists of a 2 post lift, 4 post lift, tire changer, tire balancer, exhaust bender, and various odds and ends. Anything I'm forgetting? I haven't done this before and you guys have, your opinions matter! Thanks