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Getting customers in the door or calling

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I'm a little unsure if this is normal business growth rate, especially given the niche market I am in and also being such a new business. I opened the shop doors to a Lexus and Toyota Specialty shop July 8th, 2013. I came armed with a list 3,752 names and addresses of Lexus and Toyota owners in the county my shop is located in. 1537 of those names belonging to Lexus owners (2010-2000 Year Model) and the remaining 2215 names being Toyota owners (2010-2008 Year Model). I also had an outrageous expectation of customer turn out from the mail outs. Here is the date ranges of mailouts I sent when I opened.


7/08/13 - Sent out the first 20!!!! Lexus mail outs (I know, go ahead and laugh, boy was I foolilsh!!!)

7/15/13 - Sent out the next 100 Lexus mailouts

7/22/13 - Sent out the next 100 Lexus mailouts

7/23/13 - 100 Lexus mail outs

7/24/13 - 100 Lexus mail outs
7/25/13 - 100 Lexus mail outs

7/26/13 - 100 Lexus mail outs

7/29/13 - 100 Lexus mail outs

7/30/13 - 200 Lexus mail outs

7/31/13 - 400 Lexus mail outs

8/1/13 - the last 237 mail outs


So far I have had 7 ROs, and the phone rings about once a day, with the exception of today (no calls or drive ups).


Today, 1000 of the Toyota mail outs should be going out. I'm just kind of curious as to what other's opinion might be on my business model. Obviously I expected a lot bigger response then I am getting (see where I only mailed out 20 :wacko: ) . Should I carry on as expected? Should I be worried at this point? I can purchase another list of Toyota owners, working my way down to 2000 YM.


I know I have heard people say that their father started their shop, and it took 18 years to get where they are today... But then I hear others talk about hitting close to $750k in sales by their second year... Any advice, suggestions, pep talk, tough love, whatever is greatly appreciated...

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